work from home jobs with paid training

6 Best Work from Home Jobs with Paid Training

Work from Home Jobs with Paid Training: There are several pros of an online job. You can work with complete peace of mind from your home, saving your daily travel time and expenses. It lets you work independently, allowing you to implement your creative ideas.

At the same time, you have to accomplish your work without the guidance and assistance of your co-workers or seniors.

Experienced employees certainly don’t face any difficulty in working this way. But for a newbie, it can be challenging.

Thus, several companies arrange training sessions for employees with entry-level experience.

You may get offers for unpaid training. However, it feels rewarding to get paid for all efforts devoted when working at a company.

Continue reading to explore the 6 best online jobs that offer paid training.

Work from Home Jobs with Paid Training

1. Sykes

Sykes, the part of Sitel Group, provides business process outsourcing services to customers. The company offers top-notch services in process automation, marketing, sales, and customer support.

The company recruits people, offering remote jobs with paid training to develop their skills and expertise. Besides providing incentives for the training period, they invest in every need of the employee to perform the work effortlessly.

As an employee of Sykes, you need to take responsibility to receive inbound calls and help customers by solving their problems. This multi-tasking online job will require a landline phone, a Windows-based computer, and a fast internet connection.

As per the recent job posts, Sykes offers approximately $12 per hour for customer care representatives. You can check Sykes’ current job openings and other details on the career page of their official website.

2. Concentrix

Concentrix is another organization providing customer support services to clients. This multinational company hires employees from several countries across the globe, offering them remote work opportunities.

In this job, you need to be available for receiving clients’ calls and give them proper solutions to resolve their problems. As per your convenience, you may opt for full-time or part-time schedules. There is a 3-week paid training program to upskill the candidate about the work procedures. This training is provided to their centralized location.

However, if you have a proper setup in your dwelling, you can go for virtual training also. You must have a corded telecommunication device, computer or laptop, 24X7 high-speed internet connections, headphones, and a noise-free room to work from home.

At Concentrix, pay starts from $10 per hour. The incentives are offered to the employees based on their skills and performances.

3. Hyatt

When searching for an online job with paid training, Hyatt Hotels can be the last stop of your searches. The company often announces vacancies for virtual guest service associates. Currently, the job openings are available in 22 states. To learn more, check the career page of the Hyatt website.

This requires you to directly interact with the clients and listen to their concerns attentively. Further, you will have to provide them accurate solutions as promptly as possible.

There is no facility to adjust the work schedule. You have to be engaged with the work full-time.

There will be a 7-week instructor-led virtual training where your attendance should not be less than 100%. The starting pay for the training period would be $14 per hour.

Other perks for the employees includes reimbursement for the equipment, such as computer, headphone, IP phone, and other necessary objects required for the work.

4. Amazon

Since Amazon runs its business operations globally, it recruits remote folks from different nations to streamline the work.

If you are bilingual having at least a school diploma degree, there are job opportunities for you also. However, higher qualifications can be required for some vacancies.

Amazon has built a great network of customer care representatives to ensure dedicated and prompt responses to the customers.

Before hiring remote employees, Amazon gives a 4-week paid training to test the skill sets of the new employees and make them acquainted with the work. During the training period, Amazon offers a $10 per hour rate.

While applying for a post declared by Amazon, make sure you filter the jobs available on your location. Though it provides you work-from-home opportunities, the recruitment is capped by the geographical range limits.

5. Apple Home Advisor

The interface of Apple products is far different from Android and Windows products. The new users of iMac need to go through a learning curve to understand its functionalities. There can be several other information customers need to know about the product.

Here the role of an Apple home advisor starts. They respond to the phone calls or chat massages of customers to give answers to their questions.

If you are passionate about the technology and apps of Apple iOS and have excellent communication skills, you are the perfect one for this role. Make sure you have a quiet room to carry on the work.

For training the candidates about technical attributes, Apple will provide a 7-week paid virtual training. In addition to the work from home with paid training, Apple provides iMac and headphones to all employees at the first date of joining. The salary for this post can range from $11 to $57 per hour.

6. InboxDone

If you are well-versed in handling emails, you can be an email manager of InboxDone. The company employs folks and provides access to emails from clients to organize them.

Your daily task will include setting up alerts, filtering mails based on their importance, deleting unnecessary messages, archiving old emails, etc.

The work is simple, so InboxDone doesn’t ask for any qualification or experience for this role. You don’t even need to send your resume or create an online portfolio to apply for this job. Candidates can visit their website and fill out the initial application. If shortlisted, you will have to pass two rounds of selection procedures.

Before making the application with InboxDone, you need to arrange a PC or laptop, camera, headset, and a high-speed internet connection. You must pass a Zoom-call interview to get selected by the company.

The company provides one month of paid training to the selected candidates before employing them for a full-time job.

Wrapping Up Work from Home Jobs with Paid Training

There are plenty of companies hiring remote employees in various fields. Most of them provide training to enhance the skills of new recruits. If you are a fresher, you should always search for work from home jobs with paid training to streamline your workflow. And make sure you have been compensated for the training period also.