work from home jobs with no experience

5 Work from Home Jobs with No Experience Required

Being a fresher or having no experience is not a big issue. Every career aspirant stays inexperienced until getting their first job. Even if you have invested years in your children, family, or taking care of an elderly person at home and couldn’t work due to such responsibilities, you can get a job.

5 Work from Home Jobs that You can do without Experience

The pandemic phase has opened doors for a plethora of remote work opportunities. You can find numerous work from home jobs with no experience on a contractual, part-time, or full-time basis.

Here are 5 remote jobs for inexperienced people.

1. Software Tester Jobs

If you are an IT professional without previous work experience, you can search for software tester jobs.

Companies often hire techies to test their software before launching in the market. Test engineers use such software and prepare a report including all merits and demerits of it based on the test performed. People with good knowledge of coding can apply for it.

There is a huge scope in this role. Even in the entry-level position, you can earn up to $56000 per year. IT professional freelancers charge $35.90 per hour for testing different software. The earnings continue to go up with the experience level.

2. Office Administrative Assistant Jobs

All organizations invite applicants for this post, regardless of small or big. Being an office admin assistant, you will be responsible for several clerical tasks, including scheduling meetings, maintaining databases, responding to the messages and emails of clients, etc.

If you have completed administrative assistant training, you can apply for this job. However, the roles and responsibilities for this post slightly vary from one industry to another. Thus, previous work experience doesn’t play a significant role here.

During the pandemic phase, companies hire virtual assistants to perform such tasks. It requires only a PC or laptop and an internet connection to do the job. Thus, it allows you to work from home with no experience.

3. Social Media Manager Jobs

With the growing importance of digital presence, businesses are trying to outrank their competitors on several online platforms. And social networking sites are one of the powerful media to reach audiences. To deal with this, organizations hire social media coordinators or managers.

Managers and coordinators generally handle several social media pages of the company. They plan and schedule new posts by implementing creative ideas, interacting with the followers on the platforms, developing several campaigns to engage people, and creating compelling content.

Though you can get this job without having prior experience, you need to have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. An acquaintance with graphic designing skills would be a plus for this role.

You can build a promising career in social media manager role even if you want to work remotely with no experience. Companies offer a minimum $20/hour rate to entry-level candidates.

4. Graphic Designing Jobs

Graphic designing involves creating aesthetic logos, infographics, social media posts, etc. that can convey the ideas and messages of the brand. To be eligible for this job, you are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in any field and technical training in graphic designing.

As a graphic designer, you must understand the business of your client. Based on this conception, you need to create visually appealing and evocative designs.

Companies hire freelancers online for small or big projects. The hourly charges for work from home jobs with entry-level experience in graphic designing can vary from $20 to $30.

It is a profession where you don’t need to have work experiences to manifest your skills to the prospective client or employer. If you have tools and a laptop, you can create several designs as samples just to show your expertise.

5. Copy Editor Jobs

A copy editor job requires great research skills. It is all about correcting and editing already written content. It includes checking grammar, spelling, facts, sentence structures, and modifying them. In short, you have to make a piece of content more engaging and informational.

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism are often considered eligible for this role. You can apply for this online job with no experience, and if you have the above qualifications, you are likely to be getting hired.

As a beginner, you can start writing microblogs on Tumblr or LinkedIn to proclaim your writing and research skills. For this, you can pick any trending topic and write a short article on it. Hourly charges of freelance copy editors start from $20. In addition to providing regular earnings, it enables you to work at flexible hours.

Tips to Get Online Work from Home Jobs with No Experience

Are you struggling to get your first job? It is tough to get started when you don’t have recognition. And trying to bid for jobs without basic understanding on big platforms like Upwork can mitigate your confidence and hope.

Here are a few tips to obtain a job fast.

Create a Portfolio

Invest your time in creating a robust portfolio. It should include all your qualifications, degrees, awards, etc. Write a concise introduction stating your beliefs, ideology, and goal of your career. If possible, create some work samples and append them to it.

Get Prepared for the Interview

Even if you are trying for an online job, you still need to face interviews. Try to find out relevant interview questions of your field of work and prepare cogent answers for them. Though you may not have to face direct verbal communication with the interviewer, you need to participate in live chats. Thus, being prepared for some questions will help you answers fast and convince your future employer about your communication skills.

Apply for Internships

It might be difficult to prevail over your competitors in a job bidding when you don’t have any experience. After completing your certification training, apply for a 3 to 6 months online internship first. Don’t hesitate to accept an unpaid gig. It is an excellent way to upskill yourself with real-time work experiences.

Give Prompt Replies

Employers often vacillate while giving projects to a freelancer, thinking whether the employee will deliver the work on time. To gain the trust of your prospective clients, you need to be active online. Give prompt replies whenever your employer massages you. It really helps in grabbing gigs.

Before wrapping it up, here are a few resources where you can find endless remote work opportunities.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • FlexJobs
  • Facebook
  • We Work Remotely
  • Remote OK