Work from Home Jobs for Teens

Best Gigs and Work from Home Jobs for Teens

Gaining financial security is vital for teens. With some money in your account, it becomes easy to get movie tickets, books, clothes, gadgets…and the list is a pretty long one.

However, maintaining the work-life balance is not easy for teenagers as it is for adults. You need to do studies, household chores, social life, extra-curricular activities, and much work every day.

Fortunately, you don’t have to commute long distances for work. There are tons of works from home jobs for teens that can help you save time for other things.

Keep reading to find out the most promising remote earning opportunities for teens.

Best Work from Home Gigs for Teens

Stock Photographer Jobs

Many teens are good at taking snapshots with a smartphone or digital camera. This hobby can also become a source of regular income. It is a good side hustle for teens without dedicating hours of hard work.

Content is the prime component for every website, blog, and other web platform. Photos are an integral part of the content on any platform today. A blog with several images helps engage the audience more than anything else.

The demand for all forms of photos is constantly rising. You can capture images of pets, flowers, plants, gadgets, kitchen tools, food, travel destinations, and so much more. All of this stuff sells for a high price online.

iStock Photo, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock are some of the best places for selling photos.

How much money can you make with stock photos?

Your income depends on the platform chosen. Most of these websites offer 15%-50% commissions on the sale.

Sell Used Books

Living in a small home poses challenges for kids to store their used goods. Selling old/used books can help you free up some extra space in your room for storing essentials. Earning some cash online is a big plus as well.

The used books may be helpful for others in need. It’s mutually beneficial for you to keep the rooms clutter-free and clean.

Amazon FBA is a fabulous place for selling used books and making money online. Another reliable platform for selling used goods is Decluttr. Here you can sell used books, old DVDs, gadgets, etc.

How much money can you earn from selling used books?

Your earnings from selling used merchandise depend on the number of items sold, the original price of goods, etc. There is a 15% platform fee for Amazon. Hence, the seller gets $85 in the bank account after selling goods priced at $100.

Game Tester Jobs from Home

Now, this is one of the favorite online jobs for teens. Online games are fun. If it pays to play them, it’s a dream job. It is easy to find several websites that pay registered candidates to play and test the games.

Why do gaming companies pay for testing?

The concept is simple. Coding programs for games is a long and strenuous process. Testing the games level-wise is also a matter of time. Teens are their potential customers for video games. Engaging teens for game testing helps the programmers to get user feedback. It helps to find the glitches, eliminate bugs and errors, etc. This works great to improve the game for a fabulous user experience.

Just to get started, you may visit these sites:

1. RockStar Games

Do you remember the Grand Theft Auto video game?

RockStar Games is the maker of several popular games like this. The company has a career page on the official website. If interested in joining as a game tester, you may visit this page.

Minimum Joining Age: 18 years and above

2. iGameLab

You may join PanelPolls, a premium market research company for testing their video games and apps from iGamesLab. The registered members can earn money on the site for-

  • Visiting websites
  • Taking virtual world tours
  • Playing online games
  • Testing mobile gaming apps

Minimum Joining Age: 6-12 years (with a parent), 13-17 years (individuals)

3. Android Developer Beta Testing

The gigs may be limited to individual gaming websites. But if you want to explore a pool of opportunities, Android Central Forum is the best place to visit. Almost every game is introduced on Google Play Store for Android devices.

There is a section titled- ‘Developer Beta Testing’ on the Android Central Forum. Developers frequently post their game tester requirements in this section.

How much does a game tester make?

A beginner can earn around $20,000-$36,000 per year for game testing. With relevant experience in the field, this can go up to $52,000-$100,000 per year.

Social Media Influencer Jobs

It takes some time and effort to become an influencer on social media. You must have massive followers and the capability to engage the audience. If this is you, make it a source of regular income.

Teenagers generally start early in life and take it forward with consistent effort. There are ample earning potentialities. Besides, you get a chance to take this forward as a full-time career in the future.

Influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube make money in many ways-

  • Partnership with brands
  • Sponsored content/posts
  • Promoting and selling products of multiple brands
  • Selling own products and services

Minimum Joining Age: 13 years and above

How much money do you make as a social media influencer?

Your earning depends on the number of followers on the account and the visitor engagement. Micro-influencers having around 1k-10k followers on a social media website can earn around $1500 per month.

Work from Home Best Practices for Teenagers

The first step to join any of the above work from home jobs for teens is to sign up for an account on the concerned platform- website/mobile app, etc.

But before you do, dive in to find out the best tips and practices for teenager remote workers.

Keep Your Parents Informed

Despite the pool of working opportunities, you will find plenty of online scams. Parental supervision helps you to keep things as safe as possible.

Don’t be overwhelmed with lucrative promises. Discuss everything with your parents before registering on a website.

Create a PayPal Account

Most platforms offering remote jobs for teens send money via PayPal. Register at the PayPal website and link a bank/ credit card account.

Teenagers below 18 years of age may create an account in the name of their guardian and accept payments in their bank account.

Take Note of the Age Requirements

All websites mention the minimum age bar for joining a gig. Your personal information must be authentic. So, check the age requirement and other policies on the website before you proceed to sign up for an account.

Control Your Finances

Budgeting is always the chief element to determine your success. You may be tempted to spend huge bucks on expensive tech items, the subscription fee for online tools, etc.

Going overboard with the budget may result in losses. When I started a work-from-home gig, it came absolutely at no extra cost. I started with my computer and internet connection.

You may consider joining multiple small jobs that do not take much time. This helps you manage some time for academic schedules, extra-curricular activities, etc. Track your earnings to see which one best fits your needs or offers higher earning possibilities.

It may take some time, but it is worth all your efforts to choose one of the best side hustle for teens in the coming time.

Wrap Up,

There are plenty of jobs available for teenagers online. Choose a job that takes less time but offers a high income. This gives you more financial freedom and a chance to save money for the future.

I hope this guide will help you find a convenient work-from-home job soon.