Wickr App Review

Wickr App Review : Safe Self-Destruct Messaging on Android and iOS

Can Wickr be traced? Here we will check wickr security review. In this age of information technology, much of the communication and sharing is being done digitally. With increasing use of smart phone, so much information is being shared between friends, relatives, community etc. through social networks. With popularity of social network, social website and e-mails, there is a threat to privacy and security of information. It is always a concern that your private information is not tempered as well as you have to save it from theft by hackers, criminals, corporations, agencies etc. We can say private communication is difficult to achieve in true sense.

Some apps are available that help you keep your information safe and private. Wickr App is one very popular and reliable app that is available for free and provides very simple way and lets you send encrypted messages without leaving any trace of it.

Wickr App Review

Wickr has been available for iOS platform for a long time, but recently it has been developed for Android with a view to reach more mobile users. Users can send audio, video, photos and messages with this app to other Wickr users without leaving any trace that can be followed by any cyber spies or by law enforcement agencies. It encrypts all types of messages with full control from the senders. The app is a self destructing messaging app that not only makes your messages secure but helps in protecting users’ contacts too. Wickr is a messaging platform trusted by all that includes executives, celebrities, journalists, leaders, activists etc. It gives security control to the users.

Wickr is developed by Nico Sell and Dr. Robert Statica who believe that anonymous communication is human right and it must be protected. Security standards offered by Wickr are military-grade encryption standards that include AES-256, RSA-4096, Transport Layer Security, ECDH-521 and SHA-256 for sending messages, audio and video, photos etc. among Wickr users. You don’t need to provide any personal information or email address to send messages, photo, audio and video. The Wickr gives security control to the sender, not the receiver.

Wickr uses perfect forward secrecy and an encryption technology in order to create and use encryption keys and deletes them when not needed. It ensures that each encryption key is distributed securely between sender and receiver and thus prevents the content of your communications from being intercepted by anybody in between. It follows unique security architecture that relies on decentralized key distribution for decryption. Nobody can read any message or contents sent through it, not even the providers. It doesn’t carry any identifiable personal information from the user during the process of sending any type of information and thus guarantees data privacy.

Another striking feature of the app is that all messages will disappear within six days from the time you sent them if you haven’t deleted them before. You can also set for individual auto delete messages feature within the specified time limit from the time recipient has viewed the messages. The receiver is also not allowed to forward or share the messages with others and makes it difficult for the hackers to get hold of it.

Wickr is developed and maintained by team of security experts who have added heavy duty security layers that leaves no chance of information being intercepted. And communication has become almost near to 100% safe. Wickr allows to send even .PDF files on iOS platform; it is yet to be added on Android version.

How to use Wickr App

You follow the steps given below to use Wickr app on your phone.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store if you have Android device and iTunes store if you have iOS device. It is available in beta version for Android.
  2. Download Wickr app on the device. Once downloaded completely, install it.
  3. Once installed, you need to create an account with it. It is a very simple process and can be accomplished in few minutes. Provide required details and select WickrId. You need to create an account only once. Then whenever you have to start a conversation, you just have to sign in to your account with your id.
  4. When your account is created, you will get pop up, tap OK to continue. “Secure Conversation” screen will be displayed. Click on OK and you can start conversion. You can now send messages just by clicking on the “Write” button displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  5. You will get option buttons to send text, audio, video messages.
  6. Once your message is ready, you get options for setting how long you would like to have the message on your device as well as on receiver’s device.

You have full right to block someone you would not like to communicate with. To see the picture message, you have to click camera icon. Wickr doesn’t allow taking screenshot of picture as photo will disappear when you remove finger from the screen. The app doesn’t send any metadata with the message such as location, identity, time of transmission etc.

Pros and Cons of Wickr App


  • It offers full sender control.
  • Messages are untraceable
  • You can configure expiration time for messaging content
  • No metadata is transferred with the messages
  • All the messages and contents are secured.
  • It includes shredder that irreversibly remove all deleted messages, images, and video content from your device.
  • No ads are displayed.
  • Your address book remains safe.
  • You can use fun tools such as stickers, graffiti and photo filters with the messages.
  • You can communicate with group of up to 10 contacts.


  • It requires sender and receiver both to have Wickr App to communicate.
  • Android version of the app doesn’t allow sending .PDF file.

To conclude, you can use Wickr app for sending messages, photo, and audio and video that can not be traced, intercepted or monitored by anybody. Enjoy it without being worried.

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