Work From Home Jobs with Equipment Provided

Top 9 Work from Home Jobs That Provide Equipment

Do you want to work from home and are worried about the equipment needed to perform the task?

Online jobs seem worthwhile as you can save traveling time and expenses. However, setting up a home office is also a costly affair.

Here is the list of basic equipment to do remote work from home.

  • Computer/ Laptop with cutting edge operating system to support video conferencing program and other advanced software
  • Fast internet connection
  • Smartphone
  • Office desk

In addition to these devices and furniture, you may need a printer, scanner, headphones with a microphone, and other stationery items.

These are relatively expensive objects. And even if you already have such a setup in your house, a minor equipment breakdown can make you jobless.

Work from Home Jobs with Equipment Provided

Fortunately, there are oodles of work from home jobs that provide equipment. Here is the list of the top 9 companies to help you find jobs that allow you to work remotely without massive investments.

1. Automattic

Automattic was one of the few companies that have started the remote work culture. The software company is acclaimed for building the widely-used CMS platform WordPress and its plugins like Jetpack, WooCommerce, Akismet, etc.

The company allows online jobs with equipment provided. Here are the employee benefits you can get with Automattic.

  • Reimbursement of hardware and software purchased by the employee to perform the office task
  • Co-working allowance if you choose to work from a coffee shop
  • Paid parental leave for employees working for more than 12 months in the company

Available Job Roles

  • Design
  • Engineer
  • Human Resource
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Legal

2. 10Up

10up provides digital solutions to content creators by creating aesthetic websites, tools, and digital strategies. Its clientele includes Microsoft, Reddit, Adobe, ESPN, AT&T, and the list continues.

10up provides remote jobs to its employees with the following benefits.

  • Allowances for equipment used for the job
  • Flexible working schedules
  • Paid parental leave

Available Job Roles

  • Front-end Engineer
  • UX Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • System Engineer
  • Customer Service Executive

3. Chili Piper

Chili Piper helps businesses to improve inbound conversion rates by implementing automated scheduling software. It enables leads to directly schedule meetings with the sales and marketing team of the company. High-end accuracy and functionality of the system ensure customer satisfaction enhancement by avoiding delays or wastage of time.

Chili Piper promotes remote-first work culture, providing the following employee benefits.

  • WeWork membership to enable employees to work from anywhere
  • Equipment, software, technical support to do the work
  • Unlimited paid vacations

Available Job Roles

  • Sales
  • Human Resource
  • Customer Support
  • Content Marketing
  • Developer
  • Engineer

4. Hotjar

Hotjar is one of the widely used premium web analytics tools through which website owners can understand the user behavior on their site.

Over hundreds of employees of Hotjar work from home and reap the following benefits in addition to basic salary.

  • Home office budget to meet the expenses incurred for desk, chair, air con, etc.
  • Co-working budget for recurring expenses such as internet, co-working space (in case the employee works from cafe), the cost of beverages and office snacks
  • 16 weeks paid parental leave

Available Job Roles

  • Human resource
  • Software engineer
  • Product manager

5. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool and application for the web and mobile. It enables users to schedule posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., and analyze the audience responses.

At Buffer, employees get remote jobs with equipment needed and other benefits.

  • A laptop on the first date of joining, which is renewable every three years
  • $200 per year to spend on computer accessories (headphones, keyboard, mouse, laptop stand, etc.)
  • $80K per calendar year to cover co-working space costs.
  • Home internet allowance of $60 to $65 per month
  • $200 for snacks and beverages purchased from the co-working spaces
  • Free books and Kindle to enhance the skills and ability

Available Job Roles

  • Director of Infrastructure

6. Auth0

Auth0 adds authentication and authorization to your software and app to protect it from unauthorized access.

Unlike other companies providing remote jobs with equipment, Auth0 give you top-of-the-line gear device and accessories to ensure the best outcome from the employee.

Auth0 also allows a flexible working schedule so that you can balance your home and office jobs deftly.

Available Job Roles

  • Business Technology
  • Customer Support
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Sales
  • Security Engineer

7. is a SaaS-based platform to enable users to share or transfer files and folders more securely. It allows seamless integration with FTP, SFTP, Google Cloud, Dropbox, WebDAV, and other third-party file servers.

The Hybrid Remote Company,, has numerous work from home jobs openings. Here, you can perform your daily tasks from home but need to reach the office for periodic meetings. The employee benefits include

  • An apple laptop
  • $1000 for purchasing keyboard, mouse, webcam, and all other things you need to set up a home office

Available Job Roles

  • Developer
  • Designer
  • UX specialist
  • Technical Engineer
  • Customer Success Engineer
  • Recruiting Coordinator
  • Technical Recruiter

8. Articulate

Articulate software enables you to create interactive e-learning course materials. This platform has an easy interface to help beginners use the tool effectively and hassle-freely.

The company offers fully remote jobs with flexible working schedules. Thus, you can take a break from your work whenever you need to balance your personal life with office tasks.

Besides providing customary employee benefits, including 401(K) savings, medical insurance, well-being benefits, and so on, Articulate helps you set up a home office with top-grade equipment and technology.

Available Job Roles

  • Finance
  • Business Operation
  • Sales Operation
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Engineering
  • Digital Marketing
  • Order Management
  • Recruiter

9. is an e-commerce website selling photo-printed products. Customers can simply upload their pictures on this site to imprint them on an item. You can choose from 50 types of products, including coffee mugs, face masks, fleece blankets, and much more. believes in the ‘totally remote’ work environment. The company provides all equipment that an employee may require to work from home.

In addition to the equipment, reimburses the internet costs too.

Available Job Roles

  • Product Manager
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Analyst


These top 9 companies offer the best employee facilities for work from home jobs with equipment provided. Just keep in mind, office equipment should only be used for job-related purposes. This practice manifests your accountability, keeping the product in good condition for a long time.