work from home jobs for teachers

Top 6 Part-time Work from Home Jobs for Teachers

Do you love teaching? And at the same time, do you want to stay at home to look after your own children and family?

Work from Home Jobs for Teachers

Earlier online tutoring was programmed for higher education level students. But today, especially during the pandemic phase, the demand for work from home jobs for teachers has increased considerably, even for K-12 grades.

Hence if you want to teach kindergarten babies or students pursuing higher education, there are numerous options to pay heed to. Furthermore, these opportunities don’t limit to your geographical boundaries. You can even opt for abroad teaching, sitting in front of your laptop at your own home.

Here are the top 6 online teaching jobs that pay well while letting you work at flexible hours.

1. Preply Tutor Jobs

If you want to offer to coach online, Preply tutor job can be an option to look into. In this digital learning platform, teachers give lessons on 100+ subjects. Preply already has more than 1 million active students of all ages.

This platform connects you with students, assists you in preparing learning materials, and gives the required video tools to streamline your work.

Though, Preply charges commissions to provide these facilities, you can save the fee amount if you dedicate more time to training students.

Furthermore, you don’t need any certification or qualification to apply for the teaching job here. Preply doesn’t shortlist applications based on an interview or teaching demo. Impeccable communication skills and expertise in a specific subject can get you plenty of students.

2. Cambly Tutor Jobs

Are you a native English speaker and comfortable in long conversations? Then Cambly is a great space to start earning based on it.

People from all over the world can log in to this platform to improve their English speaking skills. Thus, you just need to engage with your students through one-on-one video chat.

Here, you don’t have to be available for a specific period. This work from home job for teachers enables you to set working hours at your convenience. Either you can book your preferred schedule in advance, or you can login at any time to connect with students.

At Cambly tutor job, you will get paid for each minute dedicated on this platform. The pay starts from $0.17 per minute with a weekly pay-out facility.

3. Elevate K-12 Jobs

Elevate K-12 is a renowned platform that provides teaching services to K-12 education institutions. Many schools hire professional teachers to mentor kids from this platform.

To become a teacher on this platform, you must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited US college or university, a valid teaching certificate, and previous teaching experience.

As a teacher, you provide live instructions to a batch of students using this digital platform from your own computer or laptop. Here you don’t even have to plan or prepare the lessons before teaching students. Elevate K-12 Jobs will provide you all. You just need to focus on your lesson delivery skills so that pupils can get a live classroom effect.

You also don’t need to worry about using this cutting-edge technology. Elevate K-12 provides hours of training to make instructors accustomed to it before they go live.

The average pay rate on this learning platform is $15 per hour. However, higher rates are offered based on the qualification of the teachers.

4. Fullstack Academy Instructor Jobs

Fullstack Academy is a software development training institute. It offers full-time or part-time courses on coding, cyber security, and data analytics. Since it is a highly reputable coding Bootcamp the graduates from this academy are hired by top-level industries. Currently, this institute is delivering 100% of classes online. Thus, it is welcoming applications from remote teachers to join as instructors and lead instructors.

Individuals well-versed in programming or having a passion for data analytics can apply for Fullstack Academy instructor jobs. Additionally, you need to have more than two years of experience in the data analytics industry to be eligible for this job. Based on your schedule, you can choose to join as a full-time or part-time instructor. Part-time instructors are expected to dedicate at least 15 to 18 hours a week to this job.

The hourly compensation for the instructor role is $40-$43 and for the lead instructor is $45-$48.

5. NiceTalk Tutor App

Unlike other online jobs for teachers, NiceTalk tutor app enables you to work from home on your mobile.

NiceTalk is a Chinese app to learn the English language. This platform is mainly used by adult Chinese students. Thus, you can expect to teach more grown-up pupils there, rather than small kids.

This app is quite flexible for the mentors as you can log in to the app through your phone at any time to connect with students.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be a qualified or experienced teacher to apply on this app. Thus, it is a first-rate platform to start a career as an ESL teacher. You just need to record an introductory video to show up your skills. However, it may take months to approve your application. You can’t delete the app in the meantime.

The app pays $0.17 per minute. If you earned more than $20 in the previous week, your funds are transferred to your PayPal account every Monday.

6. Bilingual Therapies Jobs

Bilingual Therapies recruit professional teachers for schools of diverse communities. The company is currently hiring tutors for students with vision and hearing difficulties. To become a special education teacher, you need to be very caring and tolerant.

Besides recruiting teachers for educating pupils, there are also vacancies for pathologists, psychologists, and speech therapists. These jobs require you to identify their glitches by screening them and recommend treatments based on such screening.

If you have worked as a special education teacher earlier, you can apply for this job. Plus, you must have a post-graduate degree in special education, an active state license, and ASHA certification.

The hourly pay rate of Bilingual Therapies ranges from $150 to $202.

Final Thoughts

Today a plethora of apps and online platforms offer online teaching jobs. It helps instructors to earn money while staying at home.

Unlike conventional classes held on school campuses, online coaching helps learners get one-to-one instructions from their mentors.

Thus, using digital media for learning is convenient for teachers and students. It is expected that learning apps and work-from-home job opportunities for teachers will increase at a higher rate in the future.