Spelling City Learning Game

Spelling City Review: Interesting Learning Game for Children to Grow Vocabulary Skills

Spelling City is collection of online games to strengthen vocabulary and spelling skill sets in children. These games are available on website for PCs/Laptop and app for portable devices. This is wonderful platform for the teachers and parents to develop word lists to teach spelling and vocabulary to the growing children in an interesting play learning method. Enhanced with audio tools with optimal sound clarity, the platform is best suited to teach children how to spell words, and grow spoken English abilities.

Read on the Spelling city games review below to know more about the platform to explore the wonderful vocabulary-learning tool to teach your kids and students 43,000+ words in an interesting manner to nurture native English speaking and writing skills.

Type of Games at Spelling City

The games are categorized under several spelling and writing learning topics:

  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Phonics
  • Writing
  • Language Arts

Spelling City Games Account

You must create an account at the Spelling City Game website to access the games, built word lists, allow your children to take the tests etc. There are options to register an account as a teacher for school students and parents trying to provide homeschooling lessons to kids. There will be the option to create a free or premium account.

To get started with the account sign up process, visit the Spelling City official website (www.spellingcity.com) and click on the Register button in red color at the top right corner of the page.

Spelling City Games Login

The first time users may have trouble with account login. Herein are some important considerations about the spelling city login games.

  • There are two different login sections to the Spelling City Games- for the teachers/administrators/parents and other is for the students
  • Parents and teachers must create the login id for the students to allow them access to the games/ tests and other activities on the website
  • The students can use the search option to find the lists saved by their parents or teachers
  • The students may also enter their school name to find word lists on the Spelling city website

Free vs. Premium Membership

You can choose to access the Spelling city games using a free or premium membership. The free account users can play only 11 games, save their own word lists, organize spelling tests for the children.

The premium membership has 35+ spelling and learning games (without commercial ads) that come with a series of attractive features including:

  • Student data tracker
  • Vocabulary test modules
  • Vocabulary skill builder tool
  • Phonics skills development
  • Writing skills games
  • Exclusively designed instructions

Benefits of Spelling City Games for Children

  • Beautiful and kid-friendly and attractive gaming interface to engage the kids to the learning process for long
  • Games structured by experienced professionals to boost the spelling, pronunciation, reading and writing skills in growing children in a fun way
  • Parents and teachers can custom build their word lists based on the age and exposure level of the children
  • The premium account users can track the child’s progress after each test
  • Available on tablet devices for the children to take their assignments anytime, anywhere
  • Interested parents can take a free trial of the premium membership


  • There are only some limited features and only 11 games for free members
  • There is no facility to track the child’s progress using the free account
  • The free account users cannot avoid commercial ads
Wrapping Up,

Spelling City games has a colorful yet soothing user interface to attract the kids and keep them engaged for long hours in the vocabulary lessons. The parents interested in homeschooling their children or teachers who want to custom create word lists for the students can create login accounts to be used by the kids to learn with ease and fun.

The game is accessible on a range of devices including small portable gadgets that allows the children to take the spelling tests, play learning games anywhere, anytime. There are free and premium membership plans, providing 35+ interactive vocabulary/ skill enhancement games.