Speedy Rewards

Speedy Rewards: Get Fabulous Deals, Gifts and Much More While You Save Money

Do you shop often at the Super America locations or fill gas at the Speedway stations too often?

If so, then do not miss the chance to enjoy the best deals, get gift cards, freebies and lot of exciting offers to save money- all these and much more with the Speedy rewards.

Sign Up for the Speedy Rewards Card

Once you complete the registration process successfully, you will get the Speedy Reward card that you can swipe at the participating stores to earn points.

How to Earn Points with the Speedy Rewards Program

Every time you shop at any participating Speedway, retail store or fill the vehicle tanks at Speedway gas station, simply swipe the Speedy card to earn points in your account. You will earn up to 20 points on every dollar spent on purchasing products, food etc.

Increase Your Earnings with the Bonus Points

When you purchase the gold starred products, the bonus points are added to your Speedy Wallet. This helps to accumulate more points quickly on your account. For instance, when you purchase fountain soda, you get 500 points.

Get Freebies and Exciting Deals at the Speedy Rewards Clubs

As the registered participant of the Speedy Rewards program, you automatically get the membership at the Speedy Rewards Clubs.

Beverage Club: Upon buying 6 units of coffee, tea, fountain drink or anything else, you will get a coupon for any size beverage of your choice.

Food Court Club: Upon purchasing 6 units of food items, you will get a coupon item for 1000 points.

Snapple Club: When you buy 6 bottles of Snapple 16oz or 32oz, you get the 7th bottle free

Pepsi Club: When you buy 6 bottles of 20oz Pepsi Cola, you get the 7th bottle free

Gatorade Club: When you purchase 6 bottles of Gatorade (24oz, 28oz or 32oz), you get the 7th bottle free

How to Use of the Speedy Reward Points in Your Wallet

  1. Redeeming 1000 Points, you can get

Enron Spring Water (20oz)
Speedy Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino or fountain drinks
Speedy treat brownie or cookies

  1. Redeeming 1350 Points, you can get

Powerade (32oz)
Shockwave Energy Drink (16oz)
1 Pizza slice
Pastry from Pleasant Hills Oven

  1. Redeeming 1650 Points, you can get

Sundrop or 7Up- 2 liter
Coca Cola- 1 liter

  1. Redeeming 1750 Points, you can get

Breakfast or Lunch Sandwich
Speedy Stuffer
Coupon for 10 cents off for every gallon of gas filling at Speedway station

  1. Redeeming 1900 Points, you can get iced coffee or specialty drink
  2. Redeeming 2250 Points, you can get a personal pizza
  3. Redeeming 2500 Points, you can get a sub sandwich
  4. Redeeming 2700 Points, you can get a free fill up of travel mug (20oz)
  5. Redeeming 2750 Points, you can get a sub sandwich (6inches)
  6. Redeeming 3000 Points, you can get a speedy café Panini
  7. Redeeming 4250 Points, you can get a sub sandwich (12inches)

Likewise, more points you accumulate on the card, the greater are the chances of getting greater rewards, free products etc. If you have 27500 points on the card, you can get a free $25 Amazon gift card.

Speedy Reward Points Expiry

The Speedy Reward points on your card are subject to expiry after a certain period. The club, bonus and base points in your account will expire if you do not use any within a period of 9 months. This is a long duration to accumulate higher points to get expensive products, gift cards and others free of cost.

The points earned at the fuel station are active and available for a period of 30 days only.

Some Parting Words,

Speedy Rewards is one of the most exciting customer loyalty rewards program, you will enjoy while shopping for apparels, merchandize goods, fuel, fast food and much more. You automatically become the member of the Speedy Clubs where you will enjoy purchasing beverages, fast food etc. Overall, the Speedy Customer Loyalty Scheme is one of the best money saver programs that the participants will love and enjoy over a long period.