Daily Mail Holiday Passwords

Save Money with Daily Mail Holiday Passwords on Your Next Trip

Before heading for the holiday trip with the family, many people research online for cheap hotels, discounts and other means to control the expenses. While you can do well with all these efforts, herein is an idea to save up to £44 per family of four for accommodation with Daily Mail Holiday Passwords.

Daily Mail Holiday Passwords

If you read the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday regularly, a small effort to collect the daily mail holiday passwords helps you to get up to £15 for one person. When you are on a trip to any UK holiday park, the newspaper codes collected during the entire span helps to redeem the offer online or by post.

If the concept of saving money with the daily mail holiday codes sounds new, you can do it very easily following the steps below.

Step 1: Collect Daily Mail Holiday Passwords

Collect the breakfree newspaper codes printed on the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday newspapers. You must collect five passwords printed on the newspaper issues on different dates. You can write down the codes correctly and keep for access later or even cut them from the paper.

Step 2: Choose the Holiday Dates

You can choose up to 4 dates as per suitability to go for a short holiday. It is beneficial to book your dates online allowing you to pick from a list of available options. The other way, you can book your dates via post. The problem is that you can pick four parks and dates of choice in your entry. In this case, you are left guessing about the combination they will give.

Step 3: Select the Park

Picking up the park for accommodation is the most crucial factor to influence your expenses during the trip. You can choose from over 500 parks in different locations in the UK. The amenities and services will differ depending on the park you choose to stay during the holiday.

Step 4: Book Your Holiday

There are two ways to book a holiday using the daily mail holiday codes: by post or online. Nowadays, many users find convenience to book their holidays online. You get access to the available dates and the entire list of parks to complete the process quickly.

Things to Remember when Booking with Daily Mail Holiday Passwords

  • You won’t be able to make changes or cancel the trip after your application is approved. Choose your dates and venue very carefully.
  • If you are taking a person with disabilities, there is a special provision to discuss the matters before hand at the helpline number- 0800 138 0125
  • If the preferred dates or venue is not available, your application will be rejected and given refund
  • If you are taking pets during the holiday, you must contact the chosen park authorities asking about the availability of pet lodging facilities
  • People applying via post are allowed to pick up to 4 parks (Check the park reviews at TripAdvisor to ensure choosing the best ones)
  • Your booking will be cancelled if all the members are under the age of 21, you have all female or male below the age of 25
  • The £44 for four people or £15 for one person is given for accommodation only (*extra costs applicable)

*Extra Costs

The parks may charge additional money on bed linen, entertainment, supplements, food etc. Check the additional charges where applicable to estimate the overall charges.

Note: If you pick the weekend dates, you will get only 3 nights, for weekday dates, you will get 4 nights in the package.

  1. Friday to Monday: three nights
  2. Monday to Friday: four nights

The break-free newspaper codes on the daily mail and the mail on Sunday helps you to save money on lodging only when you make a booking at a UK holiday park in the group.