Safeway Gas Rewards

Safeway Gas Rewards: Save Money with Reward Points at Qualified Gas Stations

Unfortunately, the Safeway’s gas reward partnership with the Exxon Mobile has ended a long time back giving a setback to many registered customers. However, to the much relief, the company is back with the gas rewards program. This time, the Safeway has collaborated with Sunoco allowing the program participants to use their Safeway Club Card or the registered phone number to earn reward points on their expenses.

How to Participate in the Safeway Gas Rewards Program

You must register an account at any of the retail stores under the Albertsons Companies Banner. Upon registration, the company will allot you the Club Card and the phone number you provide during the sign up process is also useful for getting the rewards points.

You can also sign up for the Safeway gas rewards by completing the sign up formalities online. The participants can register their account free of cost and there is no membership fee to stay in the program.

How to Earn the Gas Reward Points

You can earn reward for every dollar spent at the qualified retail stores.

  • $1 spent at any of the eligible grocery stores= 1 point
  • $1 spent with eligible gift cards= 2 points
  • $1 spent on eligible pharmacy products= 1 point

Remember to use your Club Card while shopping or provide the registered phone number at the checkout to earn these reward points.

Where to Redeem the Rewards Points

Once you have accumulated sufficient reward points on your Club Card, you can redeem these points to earn the Safeway gas rewards at participating Sunoco gas stations and all Safeway gas stations. You can get:

  1. If you accumulate 100 points- you will save 10 cent per gallon of filling at any qualified station
  2. Up to 20 cents per gallon of filling at the participating Sunoco gas stations (if you accumulate 200 points)
  3. Up to $1 per gallon of filling at all Safeway gas stations (if you earn 1000 reward points on your Club Card)

Safeway App- The Smart Solution to Track the Gas Rewards

There is no upper limit on how much reward points a participant can earn on his account. It may be difficult for you keep track on how much points are available for redeeming at the gas station at any point of time. You can download the Safeway app on your Smartphone or Tablet devices to track the points at anytime, anywhere.

For the best user experience, the Safeway has set different app configurations for Apple and Android operating systems. Android users can download the app at the Google Play Store and the iOS users can visit the Apple app store for the same.

Summing It Up,

With the emerging news of Safeway Sunoco partnership, the registered Club Card users have more options to earn reward points on every single dollar spent with the card or registered phone number. The Safeway store authorities offer the Club Card free of cost to the willing participants. You must provide some personal details during the sign up to get the card.

If you do not have the Club Card yet, sign up at the Safeway official website

If you do not like the idea of carrying the card every time at the gas station, enter your phone number at the station to get the reward points. The process is simple and there is lot to enjoy. Use the Safeway app periodically to track your earnings. Once you have purchased anything at a qualified store or product, it takes up to 4 hours for the Albertsons Companies Banner store to update the newly earned points to your account.