Petplan Insurance Reviews

Petplan Insurance Reviews : High Coverage Limits for Your Pet

Many loves pet and consider them as the best companions. When you have a pet, you are always concerned about good health of the pet. An insurance policy from a reliable and trusted insurance provider will lessen your worries. Here we will discuss on Petplan Insurance Reviews about their features and services.

Petplan Insurance Reviews

Petplan is one of the popular providers of pet insurance. It is the world’s largest insurance provider. If your pet is of an expensive brand, then the treatment may also be very expensive. You must consider an insurance plan from Petplan as it offers comprehensive plans with high benefits up to $22,000. Insurance policies offered by Petplan are underwritten by AGCS which has very good financial rating. It provides insurance plans in all the 50 US states and District of Columbia. Petplan provides coverage for illness, accidents, medical treatments for cancer, hospitalization, surgery, alternate therapy, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, vaccination, dental care etc.

There are three basic insurance plans offered by Petplan. They are gold, silver and bronze. Insurance policies are some of the most popular pet insurance policies in the US. Now we check Petplan insurance reviews on coverage.

Petplan Coverage Review

Petplan offers comprehensive coverage that suits medical need of your pet. Bronze plan provides standard coverage, whereas the Silver and Gold plan includes many other benefits in addition to standard coverage. Following discussed are some important points regarding the coverage offered by different plans.

Coverage to Veterinary examination and Medication

Petplan covers veterinary examination including specialized veterinary exams. All the medication that the veterinary prescribed is covered too.

Chronic and hereditary illness covered

If you’re pet gets coverage for a chronic conditions or hereditary illness if developed after you sign up for the policy. Chronic and hereditary illness needs long term care and may turn very expensive. It is always recommended that you get veterinary examination of your pet done before you sign up the policy.

Alternative medicine

The basic insurance plans offered covers alternative and holistic therapies if needed.

Boarding kennel fees covered

If for some reasons, you have to leave your pet to the eligible boarding house for the time being, you will get part of the cost for that if you have silver or gold plan. You get $250 if you have silver plan and $500 if you have gold plan.

Advertising and reward costs covered

In case of your pet being missing, you will get up to $250 for silver plan and $500 for gold plan to help you cover with the cost of advertising and offering a reward.

Death benefit

This benefit is offered with the gold plan. If your pet dies due to injury or illness, you get reimbursement up to $1,000 dictated by the policy limits. This is even covered if due to human reasons, the pet needs to “put to sleep” by a veteran.

Vacation cancellation coverage

If you are having a gold plan and you need to cancel a trip or vacation as your pet is develops illness due or gets injured after you have booked your trip, you can be paid reimbursement up to $1,000.

Covered for life

Once you take insurance, and your pet’s medical expenses go to high, you can still continue your insurance with regular premium. They can’t cancel your policy.

Petplan Important Features

Online quote tool

Petplan provides very easy to use online quote tool at its website. You just have to provide basic details such as the breed of the pet, age, place where you live, the amount want to cover etc. In a couple of minutes you will be presented a detailed quote showing you different ions and coverage.


Petplan offers a discount of 10% to a military service member as well as to a veteran, 10% discount if you insure for more than one pet and 5% discount if you enrol online. Discount is offered to member of some organization also.


With Petplan, the minimum deductible is $50 for each health condition. In case of pet developing the same illness many times in the same policy year, you will have to pay $50 deductible only once. If your pet rarely gets sick and hardly meets any accidents, you can get benefit of the lowest deductibles offered for any pet insurance.


It is very easy to make a claim with Petplan. You can even make a claim online. You just have to fill up a form. You claim will be processed within few days. You can also check status of the claim.

To meet the health care requirement of your pet, you can take an insurance plan from Petplan. It has different plans, innovative benefits and good discount options to offer. Insurance from Petplan is very helpful if your pet develops recurring health problems.