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Paylocity Accounting Software and Payroll Services Review

Paylocity, the eminent hybrid cloud-based payroll and human capital management Services Company was established in 1997 as Ameripay Payroll Ltd. The company’s name was changed to Paylocity in 2005 after making major improvements in the web-based technology without the need of expensive in-house establishment. Today, Paylocity is one of the most reliable SaaS products for accounting and payroll operations, for various small to mid-sized organizations in US.

In this Paylocity review, you will find every bit of information about the effectiveness of their payroll services, software products including important details to troubleshoot the Paylocity Login My Account issues.

Paylocity Products and Features

Payroll Management

Regulate everyday payroll functions, prepare customized reports, collect demographics, calculate earnings and deductions, etc. With the Web Pay feature, the users can put multiple fields into a single screen for convenient and quick work processes.

HR Management

The HR software system minimize the superfluous work, complete the processes in less time, manage employee data and much more.

Human Capital Management

Using the customized dashboard, get reports, analytics and insights to manage the company resources, the HR team can work through the processes to minimize losses by making best use of available assets.

Benefit Administration Technology

This is a web-based intuitive platform for the employers and the staff to enroll, edit, place claims and track employee benefits etc.

Labor and Time Tracking

Track the working hours for each employee and maintain attendance records for working through the payroll process.

Employee Management

Employee self service support through the employee portal helps the organizations provide enhanced engagement offering easy access to personal information, recognizing peers etc.

Talent Management

The set of online tools are effective for the recruiters to track applicants, review performances etc.

Benefits of Paylocity

  • 99.99% uptime performance
  • Instant customer support through email, online chat and phone call
  • Huge content library and client training support upon sign up
  • Employee self services and activity dashboard
  • Assistance provided through the employee portal
  • Mobile friendly interface for users to get accessibility anywhere, anytime

Downsides of Paylocity Solutions

  • Not a considerable choice for large business establishments
  • The user-interface may seem difficult to access without the training and assistance for novice employees

Paylocity Login My Account

If you have registered your account, you can sign in to the Paylocity login My Account by clicking the login tab in the menu at the top of the official website.

  • To login to your account you may alternatively visit sign in page directly at
  • If you are a new user, click ‘Register User’ tab at the bottom of the page and complete the sign up process as per the instructions
  • If you are already a registered user, enter the company ID*, your account username, and password as set up as recorded at the time of filling in the sign up form

*Paylocity Company ID for login is N8076. When creating your login, you must include all the dashes in your social security number (SSN).

Customer Support Helpline for Paylocity Login

The registered users having problems with account login using their username may contact the customer support representatives directly by phone call at the Paylocity helpline (856)406-6015.

Final Verdict,

Paylocity is a reliable product for organizations looking to cut the costs on expensive in-house payroll and HR management software. Based on the client’s requirements, the company is flexible in customizing the software, tools and others. The monthly packages and prices are subject to quotes as per the products and services in use by the enterprise.

The company offers customer support by phone call, chat and email. With cloud-based deployment and user-friendly interface, the account access is available on multiple computer devices including Smartphone and Tablets. User can also access paylocity web clock and mobile app. Overall, Paylocity payroll services and packages are considerable for small to mid-sized businesses.