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Pandora Radio Login

Pandora free radio internet services, available for listeners in US only, are one of the popular music streaming platforms for several subscribers. While the free version allows the listeners to get a limited access of 40 hours per month only, you can do well with a paid subscription plan that suits your needs. If you are yet to create an account, read on to find the important information you need including Pandora radio login instructions so that you know everything before joining a paid plan.

About Radio Free Music

Regulated and owned by the Pandora Media Inc., the company was launched in 2000 by the name Savage Beast Technologies. The name was changed to Pandora Radio in the 2004, when the company returned to business after introducing some major changes to emerge as one of the popular destinations for the users to find music stuff of choice by artist or song name.


Devices: Pandora radio streaming is available on all devices- computers/ laptops, mobiles, tablet and iOS devices.

Operating System: Compatible for streaming on Linux, Windows (XP, Vista, 7 or higher), Mac and Android OS devices

Bit Rate Tiers: Based on the sound quality you desire, Pandora has three tiers of Low (32 kbps), Standard (64 kbps) and High (192 kbps) bit-rates. For those who want to use minimum data consumption for music can do well with the low bit rate settings. In the coming time, the company is planning to increase the High tier to 320 kbps.

Pandora Radio Prices and Subscription Plans

Pandora offers 3 different types of subscriptions to the listeners with the facility to cancel or delete an account anytime. You can get started by creating a free account to experience the music and quality at first before upgrading to a paid subscription.

Free Version: 40 hours of free streaming per month

Pandora Plus: Available at a flat fee $4.99/month ($54.89 for one year), the plus membership plan offers unlimited ad-free music streaming throughout the month. You can rewind favorite tracks and even enjoy offline playback whenever desired. The users on the plus plan are limited to setting up to three radio stations for offline playback.

Pandora Premium: The premium membership costs $9.99/month ($109.89 for a year) offering unlimited offline playback on mobile, customized playlists and much more.

Pandora Radio Login to Account

All interested listeners must create an account to be able to stream music based on the subscription plan.

To create an account on your computer, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. On the blue screen of the homepage, click the Register link located just below the login section if you do not have an account
  3. On the online registration form, enter email address, password, birth year, read the privacy policy and terms of use
  4. After filling in all the details, click the Sign Up tab to complete the registration

If using a private computer at home, you may check the ‘Remember me’ box to avoid entering the pandora radio login details every time.

Once you are done with the sign up process, you can then login to your account to add stations, save favorite artists, songs for streaming.

If you are using a mobile device, follow the steps below to Sign up for the Pandora radio account:

  • Based on the type of OS on your mobile device (android/ iOS), download the Pandora app from the app store and launch on your Smartphone or tablet
  • Tap open the app on your mobile screen and tap on Sign In
  • Once the registration form appears, enter the information including your email address, setup password, birth year, gender, zip code etc
  • Review the terms of use and the company’s privacy policy
  • Check the filled in information carefully and tap the Sign in tab once you are done

Note: You must use a new email address not registered with any other Pandora radio account.