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Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor Pre Order: Samsung Odyssey 55 Inch 4k Curved Monitor

Over View of Samsung Odyssey Ark 55 Inch Curved Monitor

Samsung the world’s largest electronics manufacturer has announced the global release of Odyssey Ark, the world’s first 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen, adding new dimensions and an entirely new dimension to the company’s Odyssey product line.

The 144Hz big display provides an uninterrupted 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time (GtG), and 1 plus an entire new Cockpit Mode and an exclusive controller, Ark Dial providing gaming access to a space unlike any other.

These dynamic new features provide the feeling that users are playing their favorite video games from within the cockpit of a spaceship or a fighter jet.

Odyssey Ark supports 4K tenfold resolutions and a high-performance gaming experience, high refresh rates of 165 Hz, fast response times of 1ms gray to gray (GtG), and AMD Free Sync Premium Pro.

It comes with an in-built Samsung Gaming Hub, allowing users to seamlessly play PC, console, and classic games in a living room setting.

Consoles in Multi-View Mode let users play on up to four screens at once, and three screens if the screen is in Cockpit Mode.

Samsung Odyssey Ark 55 Release Date

When is the Samsung odyssey ark coming out this is the common question of all customers who are super excited to buy this. But now your wait will be over soon because Samsung already released its release date.

Samsung has finally revealed the release date of the Massive 55 – inch curved gaming monitor: The Odyssey Ark, Which will be released in early September.

Samsung already launched the release date for this monitor, after announcing the product back in January at CES.

Samsung Odyssey Ark 55 Price

The Samsung Odyssey Ark’s $3,499 price tag may be prohibitive for some people, but when you break down the devices it offers you, it starts to seem more reasonable.

This massive video game show is the size of a standard TV, complete with the high-end features necessary to play console and PC games perfectly.

Add in its various multitasking modes and numerous built-in streaming and video gaming applications and you’ve got a screen that can serve as a two-monitor setup and a TV for certain customers.

The fundamental Ark is $3,499 but many options of comparable quality and cost exist if it’s out of your price range.

If you want an Alienware 34 QD-OLED that’s compatible with older VGA, we suggest the $1,299 Alienware 34 QD-OLED.

If you want a massively wide 49-inch screen without the extra vertical real estate that is also Samsung owns it for just $2,299 which is Odyssey Neo G9.

However, the Odyssey Ark could appeal to a hardcore niche of people who are willing to pay for the ultimate gaming monitor.

Superior Gaming Performance Optimized For Players

The Odyssey Ark has a 165Hz refresh rate accompanied by a 4K (3,840 × 2,160) resolution with a 1ms response time (GtG). It is paired with a premier AMD Free Sync monitor, which also maximizes on-screen authenticity and aids gamers in becoming more effective in their action-based play.

The system, with help from Samsung Gaming Hub2, also lets players take their gaming experience to the next level.

Samsung Gaming Hub is an all-in-one game streaming discovery platform, where gamers can play their favorite games from many different online gaming partners, including Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, Utomik, and Amazon Luna.

It allows immediate access to the top streaming services, as well as a variety of console and computer games. No downloads or storage space are needed, so users can easily explore every side of the gaming world without restrictions.

Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor Pre Order

Now you can pre-order for Odyssey Ark because Samsung’s Odyssey Ark will be available from August 15, 2022, on its online website

Click the Above link and you will get more information about the Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor.

It comes equipped with a 16:9 4K display with a pivot point, tilt, and rotation. Samsung also confirmed that the mount can be mounted on the wall with a VESA mount.

This monitor features four HDMI 2.1 inputs, making it a capable option for home theatre systems with integrated PS5, Xbox Series X S, and RTX 30 graphics cards.

Samsung Odyssey Ark Customer Service Number

Samsung Odyssey Ark Customer Service Number: 1 (800) 726-7864

Samsung always gives honest and satisfied service to their customers you can get in touch online at with round-the-clock chat, and Read more articles on dollarnex.