MetLife Structured Settlement Annuity

MetLife Structured Settlement Annuity – Best Option for You

MetLife is one of the popular issuer of structured settlement annuity. MetLife is rated one of the best rated company by many standard credit ratings. It is assigning structured settlement annuity since 1983 and it is the most trusted financial institution in the United States. MetLife follows innovative strategy and provides comprehensive solutions.

MetLife Structured Settlement Annuity

MetLife is one of reliable structured settlement annuity issuer that helps you meet the unexpected circumstances. MetLife structured settlement annuity is a contract between the annuitant and the company and provides tax free periodic payments over the time according to the terms specifically for the personal injury cases, worker’s compensation claims, accidental death etc. Following given are some of the questions and answers to them that will help you understand various things about structured settlement annuities.

It assigns fixed and variable structured settlement annuities. MetLife structured settlement annuity offers structured settlements that are beneficial to both the defendants and plaintiffs and for last 30 years it is providing best of the services. It has a highly-skilled team of professionals that leverage financial strength and experience. Structured settlements are guaranteed and not depend on the market fluctuation.

The other main benefit is that for structured settlement annuity, you don’t have to pay federal, state or local tax on capital gain as well as interest. Following given is some of the questions and answers you will find very informative about MetLife structured settlement plan.

What is a MetLife structured settlement annuity?

A structured settlement annuity is a contract with the insurance company in which the annuitant makes long term investment and receives periodic payments in future. Traditionally, structured settlement annuity was for personal injury, worker’s compensation, sudden death etc., but now there have been various innovations. There are many investment options as well as options for receiving pay-outs.

What are the benefits of MetLife structured settlements?

With structured settlements, you get payments for your damage in instalments regularly over a period of time. It helps you pay for your ongoing monthly expenses.

Is the income from structured settlement tax free?

Structured settlement received for personal injury or physical sickness is tax free, but in the event of the death of the payee, the lump sum future payment will be made to the descendant and for the descendant it maybe considered as estate or inheritance tax calculation.

What is the rated age for structured settlement annuity?

The periodic time payments for the plaintiff are made for the life time and as so the age does matter. MetLife considers that an annuitant lives life longer than the expected life. The company follows rated age or impaired risk rating.

What is the financial risk associated with the structured settlement annuity?

There is always some risk associated with it. MetLife invests your money in government securities and corporate bonds with high grade rating. The company has good credit rating and is doing well and offering good returns over the years. You can run a little risk.

If you want to secure you and your family financially for the personal injury incurred or in case of premature death, or for worker’s compensation, then you can consider buying MetLife structured settlement annuity and live somewhat relaxed from financial worries.