meijer weekly ad preview

Meijer Weekly Ad Preview : Offer Code This Week

Meijer is a popular regional American hypermarket chain that operates in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky. Here we will check Meijer Weekly Ad Preview. The company is headquartered in Walker, Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was founded in 1934 and started supermarkets. Credit for the supermarket goes to Meijer. In 1962, it started hypermarkets.

It has about 213 stores and many of them have gas stations in front that sell fuel such as E85, biodiesel, compressed natural gas. Meijer sells groceries, clothing, jewelry, furniture, health and beauty products, electronics items, sporting goods, pet supplies, house wares, footwear and gasoline. It has its two manufacturing facilities and five distribution facilities.

Meijer Weekly Ad

You can check Meijer weekly ad online. The products are sold at very low price and there is no compromise on quality. It offers discounts, coupons, promos, deals and many more. To shop from Meijer is a great experience and you will save good amount of money.

Meijer is ranked as 35th largest US companies and has annual revenue is about $14 billion. It is also 27th largest retailer in the United States. According to National Foundation Retails Magazine, Meijer is ranked as 88th the fastest growing chain in the United States.

If you want to know further about the company, its products, statements, special deals, discounts, coupons, offers etc., you can visit at

About the Meijer Weekly Ad Preview

Meijer cares about customers and with a view to make all the customers aware of the latest offers and deals; it has designed an online ad. The Meijer Weekly Ad is displayed at online that helps its customers to save money. The company also sends ad by mail, but sometimes it doesn’t reach to the target customers and sometimes it is also difficult to reach all the customers by mail. An online ad is the best way for customers to know about the offers. The ad can be viewed by anyone being anywhere provide he/she has an access to internet.

You will also find the Meijer weekly ad preview next week with latest offers, grocery specials, coupons, sales flyer and circular at All the popular stores publish their weekly ad at and visited by majority of the customers.

How to Save with the Weekly Ad

It is very important for everybody to save money. weekly ad helps customers considerably on saving. You just browse through the weekly ad. The ad contains all the offers and circulars. Whenever you find an item you would like to purchase and is available under some offer, you can make a list of it. When you got to a Meijer store, you just take the list with you. It will save your time as well as money. You just know what items you would be buying and at what price.

How to Keep Updated with the Meijer Weekly Ad

To take advantage of the weekly ad, you must have to keep yourself updated. Following given are the steps for it.

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Type in your zip code or city and state in the fields given. Select the distance within which you would like to search a store. Default distance is 10 miles. Then click on the search button. You can also search by selecting the state you are living in
  3. Stores locations will be displayed with the view ads hyperlink besides it in the right. Click on it.
  4. While browsing through the ad, you can select the ad you want to view. You can move around the ad. You can also go back to the home page.
  5. To view more items, scroll down the page. You can move forward or backward by clicking on the blue arrow.
  6. If you want to view extra information about any item, hover the mouse over the item. It allows creating an online shopping list.
  7. To prepare shopping list, add the items you would like to purchase. You can print the list, to do so click on the shopping list button and then select print. If you want to edit the shopping list such as delete or add some items or change the no. of quantities. Take the printed list with you on your next visit to the store. It will make the shopping easier and pleasurable.

If you are planning to buy various things and looking for some special deals and great discounts, a visit to the Meijer will be a perfect choice. Not only you will find great discounts and save good amount of money, but also the shopping experience with them will be great. And it will become your favorite shopping destination.