MaxPerks Rewards

Officemax Rewards Login : Office Depot Rewards Program

MaxPerks, the bonus rewards program at OfficeMax, is extremely beneficial for the registered members to enjoy multiple facilities and money saver opportunities. The buyers can register free of cost for the rewards program at any Office Depot store or online. Read on this guide to know everything you want to about the Officemax Rewards Login from sign up to using the rewards to the optimum value.

Officemax Rewards Login

It is very easy to join the Office Depot Rewards Program. It is absolutely free to join the program and earn rewards on anything you purchase throughout the year. The buyers willing to shop for bulk orders can also take advantage by joining the MaxPerks Business Membership (Even if you do not own a company or commercial business, you are welcome to register for the business membership).

  • Visit the Office webpage
  • If you are not a rewards member and want to join the program, click on the ‘Join Now’ button
  • On the sign up page, you need to provide your phone number to get started (if you already have an online account with Office Depot, mention the registered contact number)
  • If you already have the online shopping account with Office Depot, you can also login to that account and link to the MaxPerks Rewards else fill in the Rewards sign up form to complete the registration

How to Earn the MaxPerks Rewards

Unlike other programs, you earn points on every single purchase at OfficeMax MaxPerks rewards.

  1. Earn 2% cash back on anything you purchase without limits
  2. Bonus rewards for loyalty program members
  3. Earn rewards for posting reviews- up to 3 reviews per month ($2 per review)
  4. Recycle up to 10 ink cartridges/toners per month for $2 each
  5. Earn rewards on third party gift cards (up to $200 per quarter)
  6. Earn rewards on Office Depot OfficeMax gift cards (up to $50 per quarter)
  7. Earn points on the amount spent on U.S. postage stamps (up to $75 per quarter)

VIP Membership Benefits

If your net expenses within the span of 365 days exceed $500, you will be able to enjoy the VIP membership status after 30 days from the date of reaching the amount on the purchases. The VIP membership will remain in effect for one year from the date of getting the status giving you the following privileges:

  • 5% in rewards on qualifying products
  • Free delivery on qualifying products with no minimum purchases
  • Exclusive birthday offers
  • Receive free product samples

How Do I Use My Maxperks Rewards

No matter the rewards points in your account, you are always free to redeem them at anytime while purchasing goods at Office Depot store or website from your account. You can even pair the rewards with the gift cards during purchases. The limit to redeem the rewards is 3 transactions per day.

Note: The members cannot use the reward certificates to purchase prepaid or gift cards.

Wrapping Up,

It is always beneficial to join the MaxPerks rewards, as there is no limit on how much cash back you can earn depending on your purchases. If your requirement is very huge including furniture, office supplies, cleaning services and everything in bulk, there is a good chance to reach the VIP membership level quickly within a business year. You do not have anything to lose but receive best price offers not available to the general buyers when they visit a store. Simply download the Office Depot app to receive fabulous offers and take full control of your account on the go.

For more details on the MaxPerks Rewards, you can also read the terms and conditions of the program carefully.