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How to Get Free Lyft Rides for Existing Users : Lyft Promo Code Free Ride

How to Get Free Lyft Rides for Existing Users

There is a common belief that only the new users can take advantage of the Lyft Promo Code Free Ride. However, the good news is that even if you are an existing user, there are loads of opportunities to win and enjoy Lyft free ride code as long as you know how to grab them.

If you have not heard of the Lyft promo code existing users before, read on to find helpful tips to receive more free ride credits when you want.

Lyft Promo Code Free Ride

Lyft, the premier vehicle company offers promo codes to all users who try their mobile app. Also termed as free credit codes, they provide the user free ride credits valid for a specified term period before the offer expires. Once you enter a promo code, it will remain valid for 30 days before expiry. You must redeem the code within this period to enjoy the free credits.

There is often a speculation in the minds of first timers about these credit codes. Lyft gives a promo code to all new drivers for distributing to others as a part of the company’s marketing program. When someone uses this code, the concerned driver get a chance to win bonus from Lyft.

How Can the Existing Users Earn More Lyft Free Ride Code?

The Lyft promo code is designed for the first time riders only who download the app for a test drive. However, there are ways you can get discounts, free credits even as an existing user. Following one or more of the methods stated below to Get Free Lyft Rides for Existing Users.

Try out Lyft Event Codes

If you are able to attend a Lyft event in your city by chance, this can be your opportunity to earn free credits. Most of the organizers offer free credits to each of the event attendees depending on their budget and other factors as part of the promotional strategy. The unique promo code provided at such an event has a short-term validity.

Refer Friends

If you are regular Lyft user, this is one sure shot idea to receive a free ride worth up to $20. Recommend Lyft to a friend who has not yet downloaded the Lyft app or used the first time promo code to get your free credits.

Ask a Friend to Take the Test Drive

If your friend has not taken the test drive yet, ask him/her to download the app and receive the first time promo code. This is another way; you can drive along together, when you both are on the same route.

Receive Discounts with Lyft Line

You do not receive a discount with the Lyft line but definitely stand a chance to cut down the cost of taking a ride if you are a frequent traveler. This is a matter of coincidence but users with the Lyft line carpooling services can reduce their expenses up to 60% by sharing a ride with other Lyft passengers on the same route. Your chances of sharing a ride with other passengers depend on the availability of other drivers on the same route, your location and their preferences to share a ride.

Use Lyft Line Pass

Getting the Lyft line pass is not easy if you are not a frequent user. However, if you are, send a private message to the admin via Lyft’s facebook page to be considered for receiving a pass. Having a pass helps you to pay a flat fee at attractive discount for the entire month of rides.

Now that you know that the ways to find the Lyft promo code existing users, try these ideas, to get free credits to lower the ride fares. You can also get more details on the official website