JobCentre Plus Unemployment Benefits Claim UK

Guide to JobCentre Plus Unemployment Benefits Claim UK

JobCentre Plus Unemployment Benefits Claim UK

JobCentre Plus is the most important employment agency regulated by the UK Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The agency has established social security offices in several cities across the nation to support job seekers to find suitable employment opportunities. One of the major assistance offered by this organization is the facility to claim unemployment benefits. Herein is a concise guide on Jobcentre Plus to make a new claim.

JobCentre Plus Unemployment Benefits Claim

JobCentre Plus offers assistance to claim unemployment benefits to people employed in low-paid jobs or out of work due to reasons, such as disability, serious injuries, accidents, ongoing medical treatment for illness, etc. The employed people who are supporting dependents in the family in need of additional financial help can also file a claim through this agency.

JobCentre Plus plays an eminent role in filing different types of benefits claim depending on the individual’s financial condition, duration of unemployment, current pay scale, and other factors:

  1. Jobseeker’s Allowance: The unemployed claimants who are actively looking for a job must be between 18 years and State Pension age to get Jobseeker’s allowance. The claimant needs to fill up the Jobseeker’s Agreement form to be eligible for a claim. The applicant must be searching actively for a job position to qualify for this grant.
  2. Incapacity Benefits: This social security benefit is given to job aspirants not able to get appointments due to disability or severe medical conditions.
  3. Employment and Support Allowance (ESA): This is another financial support by the UK Govt. for people who have lost employment due to prolonged ill health or disability. The money is paid from the second week to 14 weeks or more depending on the condition of the claimant. Eligible recipients will get a basic allowance of £73.10 besides the work-related activity component/support component (any one component payable) amount as per the applicant’s requirements and conditions.
  4. Income Support: People with low income and savings of less than £16,000 can file the income support claim provided they meet all eligibility terms. The applicant must be within the age group of 16 years to Pension Credit age to be able to receive income support benefits.
  5. Universal Credit: This financial support for jobseekers was introduced in 2013 to replace six previously existing governmental aid programs including the Working Tax Credit, Housing Benefits, Child Tax Credits, etc. People with low income or those out of work without any fault on their part can receive this monthly financial aid to meet their costs.

Filing a New Claim with JobCentre Plus

There are two methods to file a new claim for financial support with JobCentre Plus- file your claim online or by phone call. To apply for unemployment benefits online, you can visit the official link

Depending on the benefits you qualify for, visit the concerned page to find the contact information in case you wish to access the telephone helpline service.

Upon receiving your application, the government authorities may ask you to appear for an interview at any local JobCentre Plus office.

How Does JobCentre Plus Helps the Jobseekers

JobCentre Plus allows the companies in need of hiring career professionals and all employment agencies to register the available vacancies online through Employer Direct.

The career aspirants can access various JobCentre Plus resources-

  • Job points- computer terminals with touch screen facility to search for job opportunities
  • Jobseeker Direct- telephone call assistance for unemployed people in the working age group
  • JobCentre Plus Portal- find job opportunities, CV/resume advisory, interview tips, and much more

Wrapping Up,

JobCentre Plus is the employment agency regulated by the UK government to help job seekers find jobs and also get financial assistance in case of adverse situations. Attending the JobCentre Plus interview is important in case you have filed a claim for benefits only if you are asked to do so. The agency offers useful help and guidance to career aspirants to get secured jobs quickly. Read more articles on dollarnex.