Ford Finance Review

Ford Finance Review: Find the Best Ford Credit Financing Option that Suits Your Needs

Buying the next dream Ford car is just a decision away if you are looking for the best financing option. The Ford Credit Finance is the one-stop solution for the buyers looking for a new car purchase, lease and commercial financing facilities. There are flexible plans to choose at the Ford Finance, depending on your needs.

In the Ford finance review herein, we have mentioned mainly about individual finance options for purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

Ford Credit Financing Options

There are different types of financing options at the Ford Credit Finance that you can avail depending on your desire to buy a new car or lease.

Finance Options to Purchase a New Ford Car

1. Standard Purchase

The Ford finance company offers flexibility in setting payment terms depending on the negotiation with the client.

Type of Vehicle: The Standard Purchase financing is available for certified-pre owned cars, new and used vehicles.

Key Features

  • Flexibility to customize the vehicle at any time
  • Customers maintaining a good payment rapport can build on equity to get massive discount when purchasing the next Ford car
  • There are no charges for worn out parts or uses
  • No limitations on the car mileage

2. Flex Buy

This plan is suitable for borrowers looking forward to start with low payment option. The finance plan is available for one term only. There are no mileage options available for this plan.

Type of Vehicle: The financing is available for pre-owned certified and new cars only.

Key Features

The borrowers can start with the repayment process at a lower amount during the initial years.

Credit Finance to Lease a Ford Vehicle- Red Carpet Lease

There is lot to find if you choose the Red Carpet Lease finance for the Ford car. The borrower can look forth to set up a flexible payment terms and mileage.

Type of Vehicle: The lease finance is available for new Ford cars only.

Key Features

Advance Payment Program (APP): With the APP, you can make upfront monthly payments in a single payment. This reduces the cost for the borrowers compared to monthly payment terms. In case of excessive usage and wearing on the vehicle, the company may send an additional invoice at the last after the completion of the payments. (Only if applicable)

Mileage Customization: The Company allows the borrowers to choose from seven different mileage options from 10,500-19,500 miles/year. If the mileage exceeds 19,500 miles, there is an option to purchase additional mileage at the inception of the lease payment term.

Available Terms: There are different types of popular terms available for the lease finance plan.

Gap Protection: The gap protection feature in the lease agreement allows waiver in the gap between the outstanding payments on the lease balance and the insurance payoffs in the event of car theft or extreme damage beyond repairs.

Benefits of Choosing the Red Carpet Lease Finance

  • No need to bother about trade-in hassles
  • Lower lease payment
  • Flexibility to choose the lease-end
  • Chances to win a new vehicle
  • Facility to customize the new car with approved accessories

There are three options for the borrowers at the end of the lease-term:

a. Lease or purchase a new Ford car

b. Buy the leased car at pre-determined cost

c. Return the leased car (make sure to fulfill all the lease-end obligations)

The Bottom Line,

At the Ford Credit Finance, there is plenty of financing option for pre-owned, new and used cars. Whether you are need of financing for commercial cars, lease or buying a new Ford vehicle, there are plenty of plans with flexible payment and mileage options to suit your requirements. Before choosing read, the terms of the finance plan to find the right suit.