doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Aspiring to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate? Things to Know Before You Join

Ever since the inauguration in 2008, becoming a doTERRA wellness advocate has been a lucrative business opportunity for many people worldwide. If you are the one aspiring to become a doTERRA wellness advocate or consultant in near future, here is a concise guide to go through to know the basic aspects before proceeding.

Why Join doTERRA as Wellness Advocate?

Before discussing the aspects of joining the doTERRA MLM business, it is important to know what the company operations are all about. The Company is a premium seller of essential oils, lifestyle and healthcare products in several countries including North America, Latin America, Australia, Oceania, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.

With little efforts and investment, you can join doTERRA as a Wellness consultant, the dream business, which has earned fortunes for many advocates in several nations worldwide. At present, it takes only $35 to purchase your first enrollment kit to join this lucrative opportunity to become a consultant with one of the most renowned companies in the world.

What if You do not Want to Talk to Others for Joining this Business?

Even if you are not comfortable with the MLM business concept, the membership sign up gives you more than one can possibly expect.

  • Upon sign up with and purchase the enrollment kit, you will be able to purchase the entire range of doTERRA products at 25% discount from the market prices (at wholesale prices).
  • All wellness advocates participating in the doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) earn free product credits for all purchases during the month. This allows the members to receive up to 30% of the total monthly purchases as Loyalty rewards.
  • The members reaching the Product of the Month Club get the chance to receive free products every month.
  • Their advocates receive the free web-based store to enroll new distributors online. This means you can contact people online through various platforms and communicate the business ideas without the need to going to your friends or associates with the business concept.
  • You can manage your entire business with the virtual office account- also serving as back office to take full control of your sales and enrollments.

My dOTERRA Virtual Office

You can take full control of your doTERRA MLM business as a wellness advocate online. The virtual office is your one stop destination to regulate your business, place orders for their products, enroll new members in your chain, get notifications for upcoming events and much more.

To create and control your webshop and start selling products, enrolling new consultants and other functionalities, simply register account at the virtual office. You will need your ID (you will receive your ID when you submit the distributor enrollment form) to get started. If you have not registered at the virtual office yet, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. If you are a new wellness consultant, enter your ID and click Submit to register at the dialog box on the right side of the web-page
  3. Follow the instructions as they appear on the screen to complete the registration successfully

How to Login to dOTERRA Myvoffice

To login to your virtual office account, you will require the doTERRA Myvoffice Login username and password (as recorded at the time of registration). Visit and enter the username and password in the login dialog box at the left of the web-page.

doTERRA Customer Support

Do you have problems with the virtual office registration or Myvoffice login?

For any issues, you may contact the doTERRA customer service to talk to a representative directly at toll free helpline 800-411-8151.

Alternatively, you can send email to

Apart from these, the company has live chat support at the virtual office website.

Want to join doTERRA as a wellness consultant? Visit here for more details.