Get Standing Tickets on Presale?

Can You Get Standing Tickets on Presale?

Concerts and live events are experiences that many people cherish, and getting the best tickets can make all the difference. Presales offer an opportunity to access tickets before the rush of the general public, but when it comes to standing tickets, there are nuances to consider.

Understanding Presales

Presales are promotional events held before the official ticket release date. They are typically offered to specific groups, such as fan club members, credit card holders, or subscribers, allowing them to purchase tickets in advance.

Types of Tickets in Presales

Presales often provide access to various ticket types, including regular seats, VIP packages, and sometimes, standing tickets. However, the availability of standing tickets can vary.

Standing Tickets: A Sought-After Choice

Standing tickets are a favorite among concert enthusiasts because they offer a closer and more immersive experience with the artist. Many fans prefer standing tickets for the energy and excitement they bring to live events.

Factors Affecting Standing Ticket Availability

Artist and Venue Preferences

Some artists and venues may choose not to offer standing tickets during presales due to personal preferences or logistical constraints.

Ticket Demand

The demand for standing tickets can be exceptionally high, and this can impact their availability during presales.

Promoter’s Decision

Ultimately, the decision to include standing tickets in a presale rests with the event promoter. They consider various factors, including ticket demand and venue configuration.

Strategies for Securing Standing Tickets in Presales

To improve your chances of securing standing tickets during presales, consider the following strategies:

Register in Advance

Register with ticketing platforms and event organizers well in advance to receive presale notifications.

Fan Clubs and Memberships

Join artist fan clubs or venue memberships that may provide early access to standing tickets.

Presale Codes and Passwords

Keep an eye out for presale codes and passwords, which are often shared through social media, newsletters, or fan club communications.


Are standing tickets always available during presales?

No, standing tickets are not always available during presales. Their availability depends on various factors, including artist and venue preferences.

How can I increase my chances of getting standing tickets in a presale?

To increase your chances, join fan clubs, subscribe to newsletters, and keep an eye out for presale codes and passwords.

Do I need a presale code to buy standing tickets?

Not always, but having a presale code can give you an advantage in securing tickets during presales.

What should I do if I miss the presale for standing tickets?

If you miss the presale, don’t worry. You can still try to purchase tickets when they become available to the general public.

Are standing tickets more expensive in presales?

Standing ticket prices during presales are typically the same as those offered during the general sale, but they may include additional fees.


While the availability of standing tickets during presales can be limited, it’s not impossible to secure them if you plan strategically and stay informed. Remember that presales offer a unique advantage, and even if standing tickets are not available, you can still secure excellent seats for a memorable concert experience.

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