Best Deals at the Giant Gas Rewards

Giant Gas Rewards Participating Stations :

Giant Gas Rewards

Do you shop frequently for grocery at Giant Food Network like Peapod or at the Giant Pharmacy store?

Now there is a reason to cherish. Join the Giant gas rewards to save money on your fuel purchase at the Giant or Shell Gas station.

In this article, I have tried my best to include every bit of information that people commonly look forward to before signing up for the program.

Giant Gas Rewards Participating Stations

Getting started with the Giant Gas Rewards program is very easy. You will need the Giant Card to participate in the fuel reward program. Follow the step-by-step guide below to register for the program.

  1. Visit the Giant Food website at
  2. On the top of the web-page click on the sign up menu (if you do not have Giant Card)
  3. Fill in the required information properly and you are all set to get your Giant Card
  4. You must choose the option to join the Fuel Rewards program

Once you have the Giant Card, shop at Giant gas rewards participating stations to keep accumulating the rewards points in your account.

Accumulate Rewards Points on Giant Card

Once you have the Giant Card, it is your turn to start shopping at the Giant stores and grab the deals. The authorities send the weekly offers to the program participants allowing them to prepare a list of must buy items. Check out the weekly online circular and add the ‘Bonus Buy’ items to your shopping list.

On every dollar you spent while buying the qualified products, you earn 1 point on the Giant Card wallet. You can save 10 cents for one gallon of filling at the gas station when you accumulate 100 points on the card. You can save up to $1.50 per gallon of filling depending on the points in your wallet.

With the Giant Card, you can save money on dinning at the participant restaurants, retail stores, travel and much more.

Benefits of Joining Giant Gas Rewards

  • Get reward points and save more on every dollar spent at participating grocery, restaurants, travel etc.
  • The Giant fuel reward program has several partner restaurants and brands that raise your chances of accumulating points quickly
  • You can also get 2 sets of gas deals at a single time to increase your points on the card

Giant Mobile App

The Giant mobile app eases you to manage your shopping, managing account, tracking reward points and much more with your Smartphone. You can perform the following actions and access features using the mobile app:

  • Weekly circular with Bonus Buy savings offers
  • Plan the shopping list based on your needs
  • Find a Giant store near you
  • Create your own shopping lest
  • Sign in to the Giant account to view your profile, track your reward earnings etc
  • Add the preferred deals to your Giant card

For better user experience, Giant mobile app is available with separate configuration for iOS and Android devices. : Bonus Tip to Increase Your Reward Earnings

You can sync the Fuel Reward Network account with the Giant Food Gas Rewards to increase the earnings on the Giant card. For further information and queries you can visit the FAQ section of Giant Foods at

Wrapping It Up,

All gas reward points are subject to expiry after a certain period. The Giant gas rewards program is different from others. It is very easy to add the points to your wallet compared to other rewards programs. You can gather points with grocery and pharmacy purchases- very essential for every household. With more points in your account, save more the next time you go for a gas filling at the Giant or Shell station. You can check giant gas rewards participating stations and giant gas prices on the official website.