Best 5 Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada

Best 5 Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada

There are number of credit cards available catering to different needs. Most of these credit cards are associated with one or the other rewards programs such as discounts, point earning scheme, gift coupon, and cash back offers. Out of these rewards, cash back offer always attracts consumers as everybody love to have some extra cash.

Following given is a list of top five.

List of Best 5 Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada

1. Scotiabank Momentum VISA Infinite Card

You can make use of the Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite card to make your everyday purchases and for making bill payments. It comes with full 4% cash back on purchases at the gas station and grocery store. It also offers 2% cash back on your recurring payments and for purchases at drug store.There is 1% cash back for other things.

If you pay the credit card bill within a 21-day grace period, there is no interest to be paid. An individual with an income of $60,000 per annum can apply for this credit card. There is a $99 annual fee to be paid for it. With a mart use of the credit card, you will get advantage of lot more than that.

2. MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard

Very good cash back offer is associated with the MBNA smart cash MasterCard. You get 5% cash back on purchase of qualified gas and grocery for the first six months. After that you are given 2% cash back in these categories. There is 1% cash back available on other spending.

If your cash back reaches $50, you will be mailed a cheque with your monthly bill cycle. Another attraction is that you don’t have to pay any annual fee for this credit card.

3. TrueEarnings Card Costco and American Express

This credit card is a membership card from Costco. It offers 3% cash back on restaurants and 2% cash back on purchase of gas for purchases upto$2000 annually, and then onwards you are given 1% cash back. For other purchases you are offered 1% cash back. This credit card comes with purchase protection and is also protected for travel accident insurance.

There is no fee to be paid for this card, but you have to be a member of the Costco and there is a small membership fee to be paid. All the reward cash is awarded in the month of January through a cheque.

4. Capital One Aspire Cash

This credit card comes with 1% cash back on every purchase. There is no annual fee to be paid for this card. You might think that 1% is normal cash back offer, but main advantage of this card is that it comes with many insurance benefits that hardly any credit card with no fee will offer. You can redeem your cash earned anytime by making a request.

5. Chase Visa

This credit card offers 2% cash back on purchases made at and 1% cash back on other purchases. There is a $20 gift certificate as a sign up bonus. On earning $20 rewards, the cash will automatically be credited to your account. It is a very simple card to use.

Select a cash back credit card that suits you the best. Get the benefits and enjoy little extra cash.