Best 5 Canada Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Best 5 Canada Travel Rewards Credit Cards of 2021

Many of the credit cards come with different reward programs such as cash back reward, travel reward, discount etc. People who travel a lot prefer to have a credit card that offers travel rewards. The travel rewards can be on air ticket, rail ticket, hotel booking etc. Usually, you earn certain points on every purchase.

The points accumulated can be redeemed to get the benefit. Consumers prefer the credit cards that work well with their preferences. You might get a free stay at your favorite hotel or travel ticket to a destination that you love.

Best travel reward credit cards

Below given is a list of top 5 cards; you can check detailed information for each.

1. Capital One Aspire Travel World MasterCard

With Capital One Aspire Travel World MasterCard, you earn two reward miles for each dollar spent on your purchase.On your first purchase with this card, you get 35,000 mile bonus. Every year on your cardholder anniversary, you get reward of 10,000 miles. There are other benefits associated with it such as trip cancellation insurance, travel emergency medical insurance. You have to pay annual fee of $120, but you will save a lot by travel benefits.

2. BMO World Elite MasterCard

You get30,000 bonus points which is worth a $300 travel value as a promotional offer when you buy this card. There is a 2% back on each card purchase. There are also benefits offered such travel and medical insurance, VIP airport lounge access worth$200 etc. You have to pay an annual fee of $150 a year, but you don’t have to pay it for the first year. You can very easily make up for the fee paid. To get qualified for this credit card, a single person must have a minimum income of $70,000; otherwisethere must be a household income of $120,000 per annum.

3. RBC Visa Infinite Avion

With this credit card, you get one point with every dollar you spend on purchase. When you spend on travel such as flights, hotels, rentalsetc., you get a 25% bonus. The card comes with a 15,000 welcome bonus worth $350travel.

You have to pay an annual fee of $120 which can very easily make up by a savvy traveller.

4. American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card

This credit card from American Express comes with 25,000 welcome points on start up. There is an additional bonus of 10,000 points on first purchase made by you. You can earn up to 5 star points on every dollar you spend. The points earned can be redeemed for free flights on over 150 airlines and 1100 resorts and hotels in over 100 countries. You also get additional benefits of car rental loss and damage insurance.

5. MBNA Alaska Airlines MasterCard

With this credit card, you earn 1 mile on every dollar you spend on eligible purchase and 3 miles on every dollar you spend on Alaska Airlines travel. You get 25,000 bonus points on start up. You can redeem the miles over 700 destinations all over the world. There is an annual fee of $75, which is very small one if you compare it with the benefits you get.

If you are an avid traveller, get the travel rewards credit card that meets your needs and enjoy the travel.