Aon Hewitt

Aon Hewitt Review – Retirement and Health Solutions

Aon Hewitt is one of the most popular multi-national companies offering an array of services including human resource solutions, retirement and investment, reinsurance brokerage, and many others in the Human Resource, Outsourcing and Consulting industry for over 3 decades. Headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois in the United States, the company operates in 120 countries from over 500 brand offices.

If you are considering outsourcing the HR responsibilities of your organization to a reliable company, read the Aon Hewitt review below for informed decision-making.

Aon Hewitt Products and Services

Talent Acquisition

Aon Hewitt offers a range of services in the industry based recruitment for the client companies. Some important functionality executed by the organization includes:

  • Screening resume of the applicants for job designation requirements
  • Conducting initial interview round
  • Perform background check and scrutiny for shortlisted candidates
  • Employee termination as per official procedures without the risk of possible lawsuit complications for the client companies

Note: Aon Hewitt does not offer job-posting services.


The clients can organize different training facilities for the employees through Aon Hewitt services including:

  • Online (includes video conferencing facilities), on-site and other forms of employee training services
  • Offers manager training services through online or on-site arrangements
  • Elaborate safety training provisions for clients’ company employees

Aon Hewitt Payroll and Tax Services

In addition to HR services, Aon Hewitt offers complete payroll and taxation solution for different enterprises. Some important payroll functionalities performed by the company includes:

  • Payroll distribution based on employee portfolio
  • Attendance and time tracking (including paid time off)
  • Tax filling and management (as per current government regulations and formats)

Aon Hewitt Insurance Coverage and Health Benefits

  • 401K retirement plan option for the employees
  • Disability benefits included
  • Health insurance including dental and vision coverage
  • Employee life insurance plans
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Other Facilities

  • Develop employee handbook with current updates
  • Control operations through online account with user-friendly interface
  • Employee performance management
  • Claims processing and management put forth by employees

Aon Hewitt Customer Support

Aon Hewitt is not the best in terms of customer support as with several competitors but is quite responsive with email and phone call support to the clients. Live chat, online documentation facilities and FAQs are not available for the clients for quick resolution.

Compliance with Government Regulations

Various Aon Hewitt products and services are compliant with government regulations as stated below:

  • COBRA temporary health benefits assurance for the qualified workers
  • Health insurance products in par with HIPPA regulations
  • Job protection provisions as per FMLA
  • Offering effective human resource management and work culture, the company protects the employee rights under the ADEA for those above the age of 40 years
  • While working with payroll management, the company ensures to maintain compliance with the FLSA rules
  • Protects the rights of the disabled workers as per the ADA provisions

Aon Hewitt Login Guide

Aon Hewitt authorities assign you customized user account where you can login to track reports, execute necessary actions etc. You will be able to create a User ID and password at the time of account registration. Follow the steps below to login to your account.

  1. Visit the Aon Hewitt Login page*
  2. In the login box, provide your user ID and password
  3. Go on the Log On button to reach the account dashboard

*You can contact the customer support team if you have problems in logging into the account. The authorities may additionally send a direct link to the official login page of their website. For further information on important site and Aon Hewitt login, visit

Wrapping Up,

Aon Hewitt company offers services and solutions in different work areas including payroll management, talent acquisition and recruitment, retirement solutions, health and benefit consulting to name a few. They simplify the work procedure and management in several areas for corporate organizations. While these are the core areas to consider before requesting a quote, the limited customer support via email services and the absence of mobile interface accessibility can be a concern for many clients.