Activate the Virgin Money Credit Card : Virgin Money Activate Card : The range of different Virgin Money credit cards is specially designed to suit the variant everyday requirements of the customers to manage the money in the wallet in smarter ways. You not only enjoy the facilities, save on purchases but also get a chance to choose a card design that really looks awesome. To manage your credit card account effortlessly, you must activate the online account. Herein is an easy short guide to help you register your card online for quick Virgin Money Activate card and login to the account thereafter.

Basic Requirements for Virgin Money Activate Card and Online Registration

You must keep the following details ready when starting the online card registration:

  • Virgin Money Credit Card Number usually starting with 5276 or 5310
  • Registration Code (generally mailed by the bank authorities directly to the provided email address)

Virgin Money Activate – Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click here to start the Virgin Money Card online registration ‘OR’ roll over the mouse on the credit card menu on the official website homepage You will find the link to the ‘Cards Sign In’ option
  2. On the registration form provide the details- name, DOB, Virgin Money Credit Card number and the registration code*. Once you are done, click on the ‘Continue’ tab to proceed further
  3. Provide your mobile number correctly for all future correspondences

Once you have provided the mobile number and confirmed the details, you are completely done with the online Virgin Money Activate process. Once you get the confirmation message on the device screen, you can login to the online account to view and manage the card details.

*If you do not have the code right now, you can retrieve one on the registration page by clicking on the option- ‘I do not have my registration code’.

How to Login to My Virgin Money Card Account

  • On the Credit Card products page, you will find the red ‘Sign In’ tab. If you have not yet activated the card for online access, start the registration process by clicking on the same link.
  • If you have already registered the account, sign in using the account details. You must provide Customer ID (set up at the time of registration/ you may also use the registered email address)
  • Provide the password created at the time of the online card registration

Forgotten Password

If you forget the password, you can reset a new one online. You will need the following details:

  • 16 digit card number
  • Maiden name of your mother
  • DOB
  • Registered mobile number

What Can You Do with the Online Card Account?

Once you are registered with the online card service, it becomes quite easy to take full control over the My Virgin Credit card account. You can perform several actions online including:

  • View and manage the account details on the personal dashboard
  • View the credit card statements
  • Pay outstanding amount on the credit card statements
  • Send money directly to your bank account
  • View the transaction history
  • Make money transfers
  • Get card related updates from the Virgin Money
Some Parting Words,

Virgin Money credit cards are the best possession in your wallet to manage your expenses in a convenient way that suits your needs. You can choose the card design from a range of lovable options; get one mailed to your address before the expiry of the previous card and much more. With this card in the wallet, you will never have to worry about the annual fee or unnecessary charges.

You can access website on the PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone devices. The interface and look may differ on PC to that on the mobile phone but the steps are the same. For more details visit the FAQs page on the official website or contact on customer service.