work from home jobs without a degree

5 Work from Home Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree

Work from Home Jobs without a Degree: It may feel nerve-wracking to present at a job interview without a college degree. But when it comes to online jobs, the whole scenario gets changed.

You can find vacancies for the job roles ranging from accountant to supervisor to data entry operator. The best part is most employers are more concerned about the skillsets of the candidates rather than their degrees.

Apart from competing for the conventional posts offered by the companies, you can opt for side-hustles to earn even more money online.

Here are the 5 high-paying side-hustle and work from home jobs that don’t require a degree.

Work from Home Jobs without a Degree

1. Virtual Bookkeeper

Do you have prior experience in reconciling accounts and maintaining payroll? Then the virtual bookkeeping job would be the perfect gig for you.

You can become a bookkeeper even if you don’t have any exposure to the finance and accounting specialization. Basically, there is no specific qualification required to get an entry-level job.

How to become a virtual bookkeeper?

You must have acquaintance with software applications like MS Excel, Xero, QuickBooks Online, etc.

Pursue an online bookkeeping training course to increase your chances of getting hired.

Having experience such as maintaining ledger, creating financial statements, preparing tax returns, handling account payables and receivables would be a plus to obtain a high pay project.

Apply on Upwork, FlexJobs, Fiverr for full-time or part-time remote bookkeeping jobs.

How much does a virtual bookkeeper make?

The hourly pay rate for online bookkeeping jobs ranges from $10 to $35.

2. Online Juror

If you haven’t completed your college degree yet and looking for work-from-home jobs without a degree, become an online juror to earn money.

Attorneys often hire mock jurors to get their feedback on a case before the hearing in the court.Depending on the complexities present in the case, the attorney may appoint 25 to 50 jurors.

Your role as a mock juror will be to read carefully the case materials provided to you. After studying the case and scrutinizing the evidence, you need to fill out questionnaires given to you by the attorney.

While handling the case materials, make sure you can maintain confidentiality. It is one of the prime concerns of this job.

How to Become an Online Juror?

US citizens with 18 years or above age can become online mock jurors.

Sign up to OnlineVerdict, eJury, and JuryTest websites to get similar jobs.

Whenever an attorney from your area will post a case on these websites, you will get an email to join in as a mock jury.

How much can you make as an online juror?

Depending on the cases, you can earn $20 or $60 for each case.

3. Telemarketing

Telemarketers are also called sales representatives of a company. They are usually responsible for calling or chatting with the clients and customers, convincing them to purchase products or services of the company.

Being a telemarketer of an organization, you have to make phone calls to potential customers and listen to their queries patiently. You will be provided with a database containing the details of such prospects by company.

Online telemarketers need elementary technical support, including a landline telecommunication system, a PC, and a fast internet connection.

How to become a Telemarketer?

Aspirants having a school diploma and good communication skills can quickly get an online telemarketer job.

There is no certification required to get this job as most of the companies arrange anintroductory training program for entry-level candidates. There you will be trained by the senior telemarketer to make you acquainted with the work procedure.

How much telemarketer get paid?

Hourly pay rate for telemarketing jobs depends on the level of experience of the candidates. At entry-level, you can expect to earn $7.25 to $10 in an hour. However, an employee with an impressive career record can get up to $35.80 per hour.

4. Be a Vlogger

As you all know, blogging is one of the most lucrative work from home jobs that don’t require a degree. But to become a blogger, you must have writing skills besides the skill you want to monetize. Create vlogs instead of blogs to start earning money online.

Use your mobile phone to shoot videos at the beginning. Once it becomes a money vlog, buy a high-resolution camera and a tripod that can help you to record high-quality videos.

How to become a Vlogger?

Whether you like cooking, traveling, make-up, or anything under the sun, you can create short niche videos.

Start posting on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Pinterest, etc.

How much can you earn as a Vlogger?

The earnings of a vlogger depend on the number of views their videos get. You can earn $3 to $5 per thousand views through YouTube ads.Other than ads, you can earn by connecting with brands and creating sponsored videos.

5. Podcast Jobs

Podcasts are becoming hugely popular nowadays. It is also a vital medium of information, knowledge, and entertainment.

The podcast industry provides numerous work from home jobs without a degree.

To produce a quality podcast, a producer requires a talented team, including podcast concept developers, scriptwriters, audio technicians, transcribers, and producers. Hence, people with different skillsets work together to create podcasts.

Skills required to get a job in the podcast industry?

You don’t really need any degree to work as a transcriber in this industry.

If you have creative ideas, bid for podcast concept developer and scriptwriter, and editor jobs.

You must have a bachelor’s degree in sound engineering to apply for sound technician jobs. Candidates having certification in professional audio production technology can earn a high salary.

How much can you earn from podcast jobs?

The pay rate per hour for podcast jobs depends on the roles. The hourly pay ranges from $15 to $100.

Wrapping up,

You don’t need higher education credentials to earn money online. The above work from home jobs without a degree can provide promising earning possibilities.

Just explore the options to choose a job that matches your interests and skills. Doing something you are passionate about raises the scope of performing with excellence.

I hope you found this post helpful. Prepare for your dream job and get going. You are just a few steps away from bagging a work-from-home project.