work from home jobs for seniors

5 Best Work from Home Jobs for Seniors

Work from Home Jobs for Seniors: Reaching the retirement age doesn’t connote that you no longer have the potential to work more. Instead, there are lot more online job opportunities for retirees that they can continue from the comfort of their own homes.

Work from Home Jobs for Seniors

Working later 60s can keep you financially secure. Even those retirees who have racked up enough money for the post-retirement phase get ready to serve as volunteers to spend their time in some productive work.

Whether you want a job to sustain your income flow or just want to stay busy, there are numerous flexible online jobs for you. Here we have listed out the top 5 remote jobs for seniors.

1. Career Coach Jobs

You can start your new career by helping other aspirants find a prospective career alternative. You don’t require to pursue any training program or a specific degree to get started. Your long work experience can be a helpful guide for your clients to get success in their professional life.

As a career coach, your responsibility would be to-

  • Set career goals for your clients
  • Advise them to acquire new skills
  • Help them to get prepare for job interviews

You may offer 1-3 months of coaching programs. During this time, you must stay connected with your client through a one-on-one video chat application.

How to become a Career Coach?

  • A bachelor’s degree is often required for this job.
  • Retirees with a successful career history or having experience in working as HR or a recruiter of a company can become career coaches.

How much can you earn as a Career Coach?

The standard hourly rate of career coaching services is $100 to $150. Professional career coaches with an affluent record charge $500 to $600 for an hour.

2. Resume Writer Jobs

What can be a better remote job for retirees than resume writing? You may have created or updated the professional resume several times in your professional career span.

A resume represents the skillsets, academic background, and several other attributes of a job seeker. Hence, career aspirants often seek help from a resume writer to make their resume more professional.

In this job, you will be provided with all details of the candidate, including qualifications, training, certifications, work experiences, awards, and other achievements. You need to draft an impressive professional summary using the data provided. The polished document presentation must grab the attention of the potential employer.

This work is less time-consuming than other writing jobs as you don’t need to research anything.

How to become a resume writer?

  • People having a bachelor’s degree in English or communication can bid for resume writing jobs.
  • Find opportunities on legitimate platforms like Upwork or FlexJobs.

How much can you earn as a resume writer?

You may earn up to $100 for writing each resume. However, you can charge higher for writing resumes for executive-level clients.

3. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant job is one of the most popular home-based jobs for seniors. A virtual assistant interacts with the customers on phone calls or live chat. If you can speak nicely and handle the questions and problems of the customers, you are a suitable candidate for this role.

Companies generally prefer fresher or entry-level contenders for such jobs to reduce the cost. Most organizations arrange 15 days or one-month training sessions to teach the aspirants. This will help you use the required hardware or software for this work.

A virtual assistant needs to stay connected with fellow office colleagues and clients.

However, to work from home, you need the necessary equipment support. This includes a landline/mobile phone, laptop/desktop, high-speed internet connection, headphones with a microphone, etc.

How to find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

  • Look for platforms like Zirtual, Upwork, Fiverr for VA job opportunities.
  • If you have experience in the social media marketing or email marketing, highlight those skills on your profile.

How much can you earn from Virtual Assistant Jobs?

The virtual assistant is a comparatively high pay job. The minimum salary for this role is $10K in a month.

4. Travel Coordinator Jobs

Travel coordinator is a great online job for seniors having a passion for travel.

As a travel coordinator, you can help individuals, groups, and companies to plan trips, including scheduling flights, booking hotels, distributing tickets along with the confirmation, etc.

This administrative job requires a lot of research also. You have to suggest to travelers the most reasonable and convenient alternatives.

Whatever your roles and responsibilities for this work, you can do so using your laptop from your home or any other convenient place.

This job is ideal for travel lovers as you can get opportunities to go for fam trips. Through these short tours, you can learn about several destinations, itinerates, hotels chains, and much more. Thus, this profession comes with a lot of fun.

How to get Travel Coordinator job?

  • If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can become a travel coordinator.
  • You can look for the ongoing travel agencies for the part-time gigs.
  • Get a travel agent license to work independently.

How much can you earn as a Travel Coordinator?

The average hourly rate for a travel coordinator is around $19.46.

5. Business Consultant Job

This work-from-home job for seniors enables them to earn money after retirement using the work experience gained throughout their careers.

Start offering business consultation services in the field in which you have expertise. Job opportunities for a senior consultant can be found in all sectors, including law, finance, taxation, marketing, engineering, management, and so on. You can choose to work full-time or part-time, staying at your home.

As a consultant, you need to help companies set a goal for the business, point out threats, and prepare strategies to overcome obstacles. The work can be done from home if you have a fast internet connection and a computer with a cutting-edge operating system. Ensure the OS is compatible with platforms like Zoom or Google Meet for a virtual meeting.

How to find business consultant jobs?

• Update your resume and include all your experience and expertise.

• Write case studies mentioning the types of problems you have solved earlier.

• Start bidding on platforms like FlexJobs, Upwork to find gigs.

How much money do business consultants make?

This job comes with higher responsibilities where you can earn a minimum of $35 an hour.


Opting for online jobs after retirement enables you to work on your own terms. You can choose the most convenient time for work. Besides bringing extra cash more frequently, these jobs allow you to spend maximum leisure time with your family as you don’t need to waste time commuting.